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Elden Ring Player Tricks Rune Bear Into Getting Crushed By Walking Mausoleum

Elden Ring Player Tricks Rune Bear Into Getting Crushed By Walking Mausoleum Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:55 PM

An Elden Ring player shares a clip of how another resident of the Lands Between became their unlikely ally that can one-shot Rune Bear enemies.

p>Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s first truly open-world game, as it allows players to head in any direction and complete areas and fight bosses in whichever order the player chooses. However, Elden Ring’s setting does still feel similar to the worlds of previous FromSoftware games. FromSoftware game worlds are similar in that they are relentlessly hostile towards the player, with only a few rare safe havens where a player can let their guard down.

Outside these rare safe areas nearly every humanoid, animal and even some plants will immediately attack the player if they get too close. It is rare that any of these enemies will attack each other instead of the player character, apart from some instances when there is usually a lore reason, such as in the War-Dead Catacombs.

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Though most standard enemies in Elden Ring will not harm each other, many of the bosses in the game will have attacks that harm any lesser enemies caught in the attack’s range, such as the Tibia Mariner boss and the other Mariner boss fights. This effect usually cannot be duplicated in the game’s open world, at least not to any real effect. That is, until Reddit user dummy_pants shared a clip of them defeating one of the game’s powerful Rune Bear enemies with the help of an unexpected ally.

One of the harder to find optional bosses in Elden Ring is the Rune Bear, which is found deep underground in Earthbore Cave. The open world variations of the Rune Bear can unfortunately be far more common to run into, however. These variants are known as Lesser Rune Bears, despite the fact that some of them are much stronger than the actual Rune Bear boss. The clip shows the Reddit user baiting one of these Lesser Rune Bears into the path of one of Elden Ring’s Walking Mausoleums.

The Walking Mausoleums are large buildings lumbering around various parts of Elden Ring’s world on giant stone legs. The player can stop these Mausoleums in order to duplicate remembrances received from beating some of the game’s bosses. The Mausoleums usually pose no threat to players, but stick around their legs too long and they can unleash some devastating stomp attacks. The Reddit user's clip shows this Mausoleum attack being used to one-shot a Lesser Rune Bear.

The Mausoleum hitting another creature reveals just how much damage this attack does. The Stomp deals out a devastating 27441 damage to the Lesser Rune Bear, this is over 10 times the max HP level it is possible to get for a player character in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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