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Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Runes In Liurnia Of The Lakes

Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Runes In Liurnia Of The Lakes Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:00 PM

Elden Ring's massive map allows players to farm runes before encountering certain areas. Here are some rune farms in Liurnia of the Lakes.

p>Elden Ring is more accessible than previous FromSoftware titles in a number of ways; namely, the open world aspect makes it a lot easier to take a break from Elden Ring's legacy dungeons if players get stuck. Sometimes, the key to defeating a boss is as simple as leveling up a few times, and in a game this massive, there’s no shame in wanting to find some quick and easy runes to upgrade your equipment when you're in a pinch.

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One place that many players get stuck early in the game is the Raya Lucaria Academy, which requires traversing a large potion of Liurnia of the Lakes. Luckily, if players are looking to level up to bridge that difficulty gap, there’s a lot to of places to explore and farm runes right there in Liurnia.

5 Hot Air Balloons & Marionette Soldiers

Location: Academy Gate Town, Liurnia Highway South

Approx. number of runes: 2,000 per balloon

This might not technically count as farming because the hot air balloons do not respawn, but considering the amount of runes on the table, it’s worth noting regardless. While exploring Liurnia, players might have noticed some hot air balloons in the distance, and a closer look will reveal that there are Marionette Soldiers attached to each balloon.

Facing multiple Marionettes at once can be tough, but luckily, popping the balloons while the Marionettes are still attached will cause them to plunge to their death (or at least be severely injured). In addition to the souls gained from the Marionettes, each balloon a player pops will reward them with a Rune (6), which are worth 2000 runes each. There are at least five or so of these balloons scattered around Liunaria of the Lakes.

4 Ghost Battle

Location: North of Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace

Approx. number of runes: 2,400

Compared to some of the other options, this doesn’t net all that many runes, but it’s still worth noting because it’s one of the safest options. Gaining runes here doesn’t require any combat—all players need to do is get close to the battle without entering the fray, and then they can simply sit back and watch the fight unfold while collecting the runes from fallen enemies fighting each other.

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In order to speed up the process, players can also ride Torrent toward the cave to spawn a ghost giant that will join the battle and quickly defeat most of the enemies. Defeating the giant will also net players 1320 runes, but be warned, the giant is fast and powerful with a long reach, so getting in some long range attacks while the giant is fighting other enemies is highly recommended.

3 Giant Ants

Location: Ainsel River Well Depths Site of Grace

Approx. number of runes: 3,000

Though perhaps not technically part of Liurnia as it is part of the underworld below, the lift to Ainsel River Well is still in Liurnia, just northeast of the Eastern Tabeland site of grace. As soon as you get to the bottom of the lift, you will see a bunch of large ants on the wall and ceiling in the distance.

The ants can pack quite a punch—especially when they're swarming—but luckily it's simple to defeat them one-by-one by knocking them off the wall with a long range attack. The underground well's pathway is fairly straightforward, just be careful to move slowly and carefully, so the giant ants do not have a chance to swarm.

2 Claymen

Location: Ainsel River Sluice Gate Site of Grace

Approx. number of runes: 7,000

Ainsel River Well is also home to another group of enemies called Claymen that can net players a decent amount of runes. Claymen are durable and powerful, but they're also extremely slow moving. Still, players should not let their guard down, as the Claymen can quickly roll forward to close the gap.

Claymen are only worth 113 runes each, but there are a lot of them. The best strategy is to run through the mobs to aggravate them and get them moving toward the player en masse. Once they have clustered together, using a sorcery like Glintstone Arc that allows attacks to travel through a number of enemies at once makes it simple to defeat five or six of the Claymen at the same time.

1 Rose Church

Location: North of Folly on the Lake Site of Grace

Approx. number of runes: 30,000

Although the actual farming in this method does not take place in Liurnia, the fact that arriving at the farming location involves a quest mostly taking place in Liurnia makes it worth including nonetheless. If players have ventured to Rose Church in the past, they may have already started or completed this quest.

This guide will explain it in more detail, but the gist of it is that finishing the quest will allow players to warp to a new location in the underworld, which contains some powerful (but easily exploitable) enemies that let players earn thousands or even tens of thousands of runes in a matter of minutes.

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