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Elden Ring: Where To Find Cinquedea Dagger (Boosts Beast Incantations)

Elden Ring: Where To Find Cinquedea Dagger (Boosts Beast Incantations) Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:25 PM

Those that want to boost their Beast Incantations will definitely want to grab the Cinquedea Dagger.

p>There are a lot of awesome Incantations that players can find in Elden Ring. Those that are focusing on Faith will have a buffet of choices, broken down into different types. Bestial Incantations are just some of the useful "spells" that players will come across and the handful available in the Lands Between can really help a Tarnished to increase their Vitality and combat prowess. Increasing health regeneration, alleviating bloodloss build-up and flinging large rocks are just some of the awesome things that Bestial Incantations offer.

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There's even a way to make the mighty incantations better. Those that plan on using these abilities will definitely want to consider carrying the Cinquedea Dagger, which has the ability to make them even stronger. Thanks to its small size, it can be held off-hand, giving players the freedom to create whatever build they want based on Bestial Incantations. Here's where players can find the Cinquedea Dagger in Elden Ring.

How To Get The Cindquedea Dagger In Elden Ring

Those that have found a Deathroot and spoken to D, Hunter of the Dead at Roundtable Hold have likely already met Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. This NPC lies within the Bestial Sanctum of Caelid and gives players access to Bestial Incantations in exchange for Deathroots. Those that have fallen in love with the abilities will definitely want to seek out the Cinquedea Dagger. To get the blade, players will need to travel to the same Bestial Sanctum where Gurranq resides and head outside the building.

Turning to the right, players can head out and around the building, where they will spot some birds perched on a cliffside. To the right of these birds, if players peer over the cliff, they'll see a large tree root sticking out of the mountainside. By leaping down onto that root and then heading down to the end of it, they'll spot another root. They should hop down onto that, then onto the small gazeebo style roof, then towards the platform below. Once there, things get a bit trickier, as players will need to carefully fall down and land on some ledges, moving back and forth across the gaps on the way down so that they don't fall too far.

Once down another level, they need to proceed one more time towards the bottom, repeating the same steps as before to safely land on the large circular winding path. Once there, they can follow the path until the spot a small square area jutting outward. The Cindquedea can be found on corpse nearby.

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What Does The Cinquedea Dagger Do?

The Cinquedea is a dagger that comes with the Quickstep Weapon Ash, allowing players to zip-dodge away from and towards enemies at will. It also has the hidden passive effect of boosting Bestial Incantations by 10 percent. This can stack with the Clawmark Seal, giving players even more damage output with their Bestial Incantations. Those that want to wield the weapon appropriately will need to have 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity, making it a relatively inexpensive item to wield, in terms of stats. At its peak (+10), the Cinquedea has a B scaling in Strength and a D Scaling in Dexterity.

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