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Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Deadlands Furniture (And How To Get Them)

Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Deadlands Furniture (And How To Get Them) Image
  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 07:39 AM

The Deadlands DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online brings with it more than 150 new furnishings. These 10 are the best of the best.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Deadlands DLC introduces more than 150 new furnishings for players to add to their homes, alongside two new options for player housing. While most of these new additions are related to the Deadlands, a large chunk of the new furnishings are related to older expansions like the Blackwood chapter and the Clockwork City DLC.

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Not all furnishings are created equally, though, and while most of the new additions to the game are perfectly suitable for a variety of different home themes, some stand out for being truly unique. Many of these new furnishings are locked behind high-level Leads, achievements, or other prerequisites. Some can be purchased with Gold or from the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store.

Celestial Vortex

The Celestial Vortex is a new Gold furnishing item that resembles a small galaxy swirling in place. The Large house item is bombastic and sure to catch other players' attention when entering your house - mostly because of how in-your-face its special effects are.

The Celestial Vortex was revealed with the recent sneak preview of the Crown Store's offerings in November. Currently, it is unavailable in-game, but will be available for purchase with Crowns later in the month.

All Nine Fargrave Terrariums

Have you ever wanted to have a terrarium display in your home that wasn't just a mish-mash of two different items? The nine new Fargrave Terrariums might be just what you're looking for. These small house items contain various flora, including the Massive Gas Blossom, the Lantern Flower, and the Snakevine.

Each of the nine Fargrave Terrariums can be crafted with their associated Alchemy Formula. Typically, these Formulae require Alchemical Resin and Decorative Wax alongside different additional materials. They each require the player to be mid-to-high tier in Alchemy and several other Crafting skills.

Argonymium Stone, Inert

The Argonymium Stone is a beautiful jagged stone structure with a variety of Daedric symbols emblazoned in Red down its front side. The Purple furniture item is not earned in the Deadlands, but rather by completing the Dread Cellar Dungeon in Blackwood.

The Stone is unlocked by completing the "Dread Cellar Vanquisher" achievement, which is earned by downing the Scorion Broodlord, Cyronn Artellian, and the Magma Incarnate in the Dread Cellar. After this, the Argonymium Stone can be bought from an Undaunted merchant for 15,000 Gold.

Deadlands Archway

The Deadlands Archway is an imposing stone construct with two rocky horns coming off of the side and a prong of stone on its top. The Purple furniture item is created with the Enchanting skill, specifically by learning Praxis: Deadlands Archway.

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This Praxis requires 13 Mundane Runes, 7 Ochre, 16 Daedra Hearts, and 3 Rekuta. It also requires the player have at least three Skill Points in the Tailoring and Jewelry Crafting passives as well as nine Skill Points in Potency Improvement.

Deadlands Crystal Brazier

The Deadlands Crystal Brazier appears as a jagged crown of twisted and spiked metal surrounding a central flame. A Blue furnishing, the Deadlands Crystal Brazier is easier to find than some other Deadlands furniture, and can be crafted with Diagram: Deadlands Crystal Brazier.

The Diagram for this furnishing requires 6 Alchemical Resin, 12 Daedra Hearts, 4 Rakeipa, 9 Regulus, and 6 Dwarven Ores. Additionally, players must have at least six Skill Points in Metalworking and three Skill Points in Solvent Proficiency.

Daedric Altar, Mehrunes Dagon

A shrine to the Daedric Princes of The Elder Scrolls wouldn't be complete without an altar to the Lord of Destruction. The Blue furnishing Daedric Altar, Mehrunes Dagon fits the bill, and doesn't require players to craft anything.

However, players must earn the Hero of Fargrave achievement before being able to purchase the Daedric Altar for a hefty sum of Gold from Ulz, Fargrave's Achievement Furnisher.

Warrior's Flame

The Warrior's Flame is a Gold furnishing that was teased alongside the Celestial Vortex in the Deadlands Crown Store preview for November. It appears to be a small crimson-red flame that emits its own light and has a unique special effect associated with it.

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Because it is a Legendary furnishing, it is likely that it will be purchasable for Crowns later in the month, though nothing has been confirmed about how to acquire the furnishing and it is likely not available in-game yet.

Deadlands Gems, Levitating

The Deadlands Gems, Levitating furnishing is something players will see a lot of when traversing Fargrave, specifically the Bazaar section of the city. They are one of the more mystical furnishings available in the DLC, alongside other floating furnishings like the levitating Fargrave Gems or Fargrave Water Globules.

The Deadlands Gems are a craftable furnishing associated with Formula: Deadlands Gems, Levitating. To craft this item players will need 12 Alchemical Resin, 16 Daedra Hearts, 10 Mundane Runes, and 6 Ochre, as well as two Skill Points in the Engraver Passive, six in the Potency Improvement passive, and eight in the Solvent Proficiency passive.

Sulfur Pool

If you've spent enough time in the Deadlands, you will be very familiar with the sulfur pools that dot the hellish landscape (especially in the False Martyr's Folly Delve). The Sulfur Pool furnishing lets players bring some of these odorous, yet oddly beautiful, pools home.

The Sulfur Pool is locked behind an achievement few are likely to complete: the "Deadlands Master Angler" achievement, which requires players catch all 12 Rare Fish in the new zone. When this is complete, it can be bought from Fargrave's Achievement Furnisher Ulz.

Music Box: "Time's Architect"

This furnishing is one of the game's many Music Boxes, which play music in a player's home when activated. This one is associated with the Clockwork City DLC, and plays a version of the song "Time's Architect" that is reminiscent of Sotha Sil's masterwork.

This Music Box was teased with the November preview of upcoming Crown Store items. While it is not available in-game yet, it will be purchasable for Crowns from the Crown Store later in the month.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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