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Every Battlefield Game, Ranked According To Metacritic (& How Long They Take To Beat)

Every Battlefield Game, Ranked According To Metacritic (& How Long They Take To Beat) Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

Battlefield has been a successful competitor to Call of Duty. Here is a look at every Battlefield game ranked according to its Metacritic score.

p>Since the title's first release, Battlefield 1942, back in 2002, EA's FPS franchise has produced more than 10 main games with plenty of expansion packs. With that being said, Battlefield has been a constant competitor of Activision's Call of Duty franchise, with both titles rivaling in sales, gameplay, single-story campaign, and online experiences.

So, how do these Battlefield games rank according to the aggregator website Metacritic? Which is considered the best Battlefield game of all time? Conversely, which title ranks at the bottom of the pile? Also, how long are their single-player campaigns?

Updated April 1, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Battlefield has been around for nearly two decades, and while EA's IP has had its share of misses, the franchise has also produced some of the greatest FPS games of all time. Dropping players on expansive battlegrounds largely ripped from history, at its best, Battlefield is ambitious, intense, and visceral. Even after the release of Battlefield 2042, previous entries have remained active on platforms like Steam, some of which even outperforming their more modern sibling. This article has been expanded to include a few more Battlefield games.

HowLongToBeat was used as a source for the games' completion times.

15 Battlefield 2042 (68)

Release Date November 12, 2021
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PC (68)
  • Xbox Series X/S (64)
  • PlayStation 5 (63)
  • Xbox One (N/A)
  • PlayStation 4 (N/A)

The most recent release in EA's franchise, Battlefield 2042 is solely a multiplayer experience, something that main entries in the franchise had previously avoided. However, the elimination of a single-player mode is hardly the reason behind this game's bottom of the barrel score; no, that primarily comes down to its poor launch state and a severe lack of content.

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Battlefield 2042 shows flashes of potential through its large-scale battles and Portal mode, but the game simply needed more time in the oven before its release. Consequently, DICE's most recent title has struggled to strike a chord with players, so much so that many are returning to previous Battlefield games.

As this is a multiplayer-only game, Battlefield 2042 does not have a completion time.

14 Battlefield Heroes (69)

Release Date June 25, 2009
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores) PC (69)

A free-to-play spin-off browser game, Battlefield Heroes offered PC players a stripped-down but still enjoyable online experience. Although limited in modes and customization, this title was decent for what it aimed to provide, and Heroes also saw Battlefield switch to a third-person perspective.

This was basically an entry-level shooter game aimed at younger players, something reflected by Heroes' cartoonish visuals and simplified features, and it was closed on July 14, 2015. Battlefield Heroes did not have a single-player, so there is no completion time.

13 Battlefield: Hardline (73)

Release Date March 17, 2015
Developer Visceral Games
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 4 (73)
  • Xbox One (71)
  • PC (71)
  • Xbox 360 (N/A)
  • PlayStation 3 (N/A)

Hailed as "brand new," more personal-centered experience of Battlefield game, unfortunately, Battlefield: Hardline failed to live up to the billing. The foremost critics about this game center around its flat and weak storyline that failed to emphasize the characters' development. However, the stealth mechanism brings refreshment to the title and sure is worth every penny.

Engineered using the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield: Hardline is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows. Unfortunately, Hardline is the last game developed by Visceral Games before the company's shutdown in 2017.

According to How Long to Beat, players can expect to spend around seven and a half hours tackling the game's main story, with a completionist run coming in at just over 22 hours.

12 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (80)

Release Date October 24, 2005
Developer Digital Illusions
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 2 (80)
  • Xbox 360 (77)

Rendered obsolete by Bad Company, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat nevertheless deserves recognition for bringing EA's license to consoles. A Battlefield 2 spin-off, Modern Combat lacked the depth and satisfaction of its PC companion's gameplay, but it worked well enough as a simplified shooter designed to cater for the console scene in the mid 2000s. Outside of nostalgia or novelty, there is little reason to revisit Modern Combat in this day and age.

DICE put together a unique single-player campaign for Modern Combat, one that requires roughly 7 hours to complete.

11 Battlefield 2142 (80)

Release Date October 17, 2006
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores) PC (80)

More from the future world, Battlefield 2142 set in the new Ice Age of the 22nd century with two superpowers of the world, the European Union and Pan Asian Coalition, fighting over the Earth's unfrozen territories of North Africa and the Middle East.

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2142 was the first Battlefield game not to have the US as the main protagonist, which was refreshing, and interestingly, it was designed for great multiplayer campaigns as it allows up to 64 players on one server.

Due to it being centered around multiplayer gameplay there is no completion time to speak of for Battlefield 2142. The average player clocked up around 80 hours of playtime though which goes to show just how enjoyable the multiplayer experience that's on offer here really is.

10 Battlefield 5 (81)

Release Date November 15, 2018
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PC (91)
  • Xbox One (78)
  • PlayStation 4 (73)

Next is the latest installment of the series, entitled Battlefield 5. Like its predecessor, Battlefield 1, that is based on the events of World War I, Battlefield 5 served as its continuation as it centered around World War II.

Unfortunately, upon its announcement trailer release, many fans expressed their dissatisfaction with its portrayal of female characters. It "only" sold over 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018, making merely half of its predecessor's total sales.

Battlefield 5's main story only lasts around 6 hours, although those looking to tackle all the trophies and achievements will have to sink around 25 hours into the campaign.

9 Battlefield 1943 (84)

Release Date July 9, 2009
Developer DICE Stockholm
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 3 (84)
  • Xbox 360 (83)

Another multiplayer-only game, Battlefield 1943 barely qualifies as its own thing because its maps were taken from Battlefield 1942; however, since the latter was not released on consoles, this updated version earned its place. Featuring two factions and three classes, Battlefield 1943 allows up to 24 players per map, which was more than good enough in the late 2000s. A cool addition was that the final map, Coral Sea, was only unlocked once the playerbase achieved 43 millions kills.

Battlefield 1943 had no single-player campaign.

8 Battlefield: Bad Company (84)

Release Date June 23, 2008
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 3 (84)
  • Xbox 360 (83)

There is never a better way to kick off the Frostbite engine era with Battlefield: Bad Company. Released in 2008, Bad Company was a promising start of the engine and praised for its atmosphere and graphics that were way ahead of its time.

Bad Company centered around an army battalion of cannon fodders named "Bad Company," consisted of Private Preston Marlowe, Terrence Sweetwater, George Gordon, and Sergeant Samuel D. Redford, fighting off the fictional First Russo-American War.

Although the main story is a little short at just 7.5 hours, there's enough extra content on offer in Bad Company to keep players busy for quite some time. The average completionist time is a whopping 56 hours, thanks in large to some challenging trophies and achievements.

7 Battlefield Vietnam (84)

Release Date March 14, 2004
Developer Digital Illusions
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores) PC (84)

Not to be confused with 2010's Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack, Battlefield Vietnam was a standalone game released in 2004. As the game title suggests, Battlefield Vietnam set during the infamous Vietnam War that cost plenty of lives from both Vietnamese and American sides.

It was built using the same engine as the Battlefield debut title, and it's impressive how EA took real-life historical settings and events like the 1968 Battle of Huế and implemented it on the game.

Battlefield Vietnam has one of the longest campaigns in the series, with the main story lasting for around 14 hours. The lack of trophies and achievements does however provide little incentive to replay missions, although given the game's aging visuals, a single playthrough should be enough for most.

6 Battlefield 4 (85)

Release Date November 12, 2013
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 4 (85)
  • Xbox One (81)
  • PC (81)
  • PlayStation 3 (80)
  • Xbox 360 (79)
  • Wii U (N/A)

Released in 2013, Battlefield 4 is a futuristic-based game that sets during the fictional war of 2020. You play as Sgt. Daniel "Reck" Recker, a second-in-command of the Tombstone squad (also appeared on Battlefield 3), during the inevitable tension between the US, Russia, and China.

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Many praised the game for its fun multiplayer mode and mesmerizing graphics, although it was heavily criticized it for its shallow, and short-paced gameplay. The DLC did help to pad things out a little, although that likely came as little solace to those who picked up the game at launch.

The main campaign only lasts for around 6 hours, with the average completion run adding another seven hours.

5 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (88)

Release Date March 2, 2010
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 3 (88)
  • Xbox 360 (88)
  • PC (87)
  • iPhone/iPad (64)

More from the Bad Company storyline, the 2010's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was set in 1944, several years before the events of the first title. It still centered around Private Preston Marlowe, the first game's main protagonist, and Sweetwater, Haggard, and Sergeant Redford.

Unlike its previous games, the Frostbite 1.5 engine allowed the players to take on massive buildings and totally destroy them, giving them more freedom to explore the map. It scored over 12 million sales, and its expansion pack, titled Vietnam, was released ten months after.

Much like its predecessor, the main campaign of Bad Company 2 clocks in at around 7 hours. Unlike the first Bad Company, however, there's not too much extra content on offer here, meaning that a completionist run will only provide an extra 8 hours or so of gameplay.

4 Battlefield 1 (89)

Release Date October 18, 2016
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PlayStation 4 (89)
  • PC (88)
  • Xbox One (87)

Following the disappointing result of Battlefield: Hardline, EA bounced back with Battlefield 1. As the title suggests, it was set during World War I. It consisted of four different campaigns from different War events from the Arabian desert and the Battle of Cambrai to the sky of Germany and the Battle of Gallipolli.

Battlefield 1 was a significant commercial success with over 15 million copies sold and received numerous high-profile award nominations. It also introduced a number of new ideas and features that would go on to become series staples.

With the main story only lasting around 6.5 hours, Battlefield 1 is a relatively short game. Thanks to its fantastic multiplayer mode though, most players typically spend a lot more time with it than that.

3 Battlefield 3 (89)

Release Date October 25, 2011
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)
  • PC (89)
  • PlayStation 3 (85)
  • Xbox 360 (84)

Supported by the second generation of the Frostbite engine, Battlefield 3 was undoubtedly one of the best Battlefield games at the time of its release. Players take on four different campaigns of the fictional war in 2014 throughout the game.

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The game was highly successful in that it sold over five million copies within the first week alone and broke EA's record as the company's fastest-selling game ever at that time, as Hollywood Reporter indicated.

As with some other more recent games in the series, the main story of Battlefield 3 only provides about 6 hours of gameplay. A completionist run can last for quite a bit longer though, with the average time on How Long to Beat currently sitting at 65 and a half hours.

2 Battlefield 1942 (89)

Release Date September 10, 2002
Developer Digital Illusions
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores) PC (89)

As the first game of the series, Battlefield 1942 brought fresh air to the first-person shooter genre. Released in 2002, a year before its rival Call of Duty's debut, Battlefield 1942 centered around both the Allied team (the US, the UK, and the Soviet Union) and the Axis team (Nazi Germany and Japan) of the World War II.

From Wake Island in Pacific to El Alamein in North Africa, Battlefield 1942 was praised for its interactive and engaging multiplayer mode. The game didn't do too badly in the sales department either; with estimates suggesting that it generated a little over $27 million in revenue.

Many would consider that to be money well spent, especially considering that a completionist playthrough provides more than 50 hours worth of entertainment. The main story accounts for 8 hours of that, which is fairly long for a Battlefield game.

1 Battlefield 2 (91)

Release Date June 21, 2005
Developer DICE
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores) PC (91)

Hailed as the best Battlefield game to date, Battlefield 2 raised the bar for not just the series, but also the FPS genre itself. It was the first Battlefield game to take place in the modern era and allows players to partake in a high-stakes war between some of the world's biggest superpowers.

Although it was not precisely a story-driven video game, Battlefield 2 has a special place among the fans' hearts for its online multiplayer mode that lets them team up to six soldiers. On top of that, the game features an immersive and wide variety of 15 maps ready to be explored.

As well as being the highest-rated Battlefield game to date, Battlefield 2 is also one of the longest. Its main campaign clocks in at around 10 hours whilst a completionist run averages close to 100.

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