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Fable Could Make Use of Playground Games' Forza Horizon Racing Expertise

Fable Could Make Use of Playground Games' Forza Horizon Racing Expertise Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:39 PM

Playground Games’ upcoming Fable reboot is no racing game, but Forza Horizon could inspire a few mechanics that set the RPG apart.

p>Playground Games was an odd choice for the Fable remake from the get-go. Playground has received high marks for its work on the Forza Horizon series, but it's hard to find two game genres that are more different from one another than racing games and fantasy RPGs. Fable is a huge leap in another direction that will really put Playground's skills to the test. Ultimately, that's a good thing, though, since it means Playground's skillset will expand as a result of working on this acclaimed IP. If the studio's diligence and attention to detail can result in such consistent reviews for Forza Horizon, then that attitude should at least translate into Fable's development nicely.

While Fable will look completely different from Forza no matter what Playground does, it would be interesting to see Playground tap into its racing game experience at least a little. The upcoming Fable reboot could incorporate some new racing-themed segments or elements of mounted combat that make use of Playground's knack for simulating speed and crafting satisfying vehicle controls. Fable has a lot of competition in the fantasy RPG department right now, especially among its Xbox peers, but some vehicle elements could help the game stand out from the crowd.

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Possible Fable Vehicle Mechanics

Odds are good that Fable will have some kind of mount available to the player. Horses and other loyal steeds are crucial to getting around fantasy RPG worlds these days. However, Playground could translate some of its vehicle knowledge into providing players with more elaborate vehicles. For instance, Fable players might be able to buy chariots or carriages that help them get around the new Fable game's setting. Whether they're pulled by horses or enchanted to move on their own, medieval vehicles like these would be a unique utility in Fable, since most fantasy RPGs don't put vehicles in the player's hands.

With mounts and vehicles in place, Playground could borrow racing elements from Forza Horizon to inspire some interesting vehicle sequences in Fable. For instance, certain quests might require the player to reach a certain far-off destination within a time limit, pushing players to race down an obstacle-laden road to complete the quest. Fable could also have occasional vehicle combat sequences where players control a mount or a chariot and battle similarly equipped foes. Combining Forza speed with Fable swords and sorcery in this way would add up to a secondary combat system that few other current RPGs can offer to fans of the genre.

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Fable Needs Something Special

Fable is under pressure to include some innovative mechanics in order to stand out because the Xbox has a lot of other RPGs of note on the way. Obsidian Entertainment, known for its creative RPGs, is in the middle of development on Avowed, and while it's a mystery, Obsidian's track record is cause for optimism about Avowed. Bethesda also belongs to the Xbox family now. It'll deliver Starfield to Xbox Series X fans this year, and later it'll bring The Elder Scrolls 6 to the console too. Any of these RPGs could dwarf Fable as the definitive Xbox Series X RPG if Playground Games doesn't find enough ways to make Fable distinct and memorable.

Luckily, it already has the right knowledge to make one such memorable feature. Racing elements in Fable may sound strange, but the franchise is no stranger to dramatic experimentation, as indicated by Fable 3's turn to industrial technology. An emphasis on mounted combat and racing segments could make the Fable reboot feel highly unique while allowing Playground Games to draw inspiration from its comfort zone in Forza Horizon. All in all, it seems like there's a lot to gain from Playground's other signature franchise. Hopefully its lessons come into play in Fable.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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