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Fans React After Streamer xQc Shows Toe on Twitch Stream

Fans React After Streamer xQc Shows Toe on Twitch Stream Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

Popular Twitch streamer xQc accidentally does a toe reveal during a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream while showing off the internals of his gaming rig.

p>Popular Twitch streamers aren't normally showing their lower halves while livestreaming as most camera setups typically focus on the face of a streamer, but that hasn't stopped some from getting creative in the past. Felix "xQc" Lengyel stunned part of his Twitch audience during a stream on March 30 in which he unexpectedly pointed his camera straight at his big toe.

During a recent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream, xQc took a break from the racing to show off the inner workings of his PC tower to explain a technical issue that he had recently. Pointing at his GPU, the popular Twitch streamer explained that three of the ports in his PC with cables inserted were flashing red when he had problems with his computer. Perhaps distracted by something else, xQc pauses for a moment and veers the camera away from the PC tower to point at the top part of his foot to the chagrin of many Twitch viewers.

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Some of xQc's Twitch audience reacted in horror as they observed the popular streamer's toe as he's often wearing shoes during IRL streams like the Twitch Rivals event in Las Vegas. The popular Twitch streamer briefly wiggles his toes in the clip before returning his camera to its original place above his monitor to face his fans.

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Before moving the camera to focus his Twitch livestream on his foot, xQc's audience was criticizing the popular streamer's dusty and disorganized PC tower. While many PC towers tend to get dusty as they're used, xQc's is notably thick with dust inside the case, and the cables that connect the various pieces are dangling towards the front of the powerful gaming rig. Just like many other PC gaming setups, xQc's is illuminated with RGB lighting, which ensures that his Twitch viewers can look inside the glass panel he points the camera at to see some of the specific parts he used to create the PC he streams with.

Twitch viewership continues to rise, and xQc is one of the most popular livestreamers which suggests that he may be under the microscope more with things like what happened during this recent broadcast than some less viewed streamers. Because he's occasionally looking for things to do for content beyond his MasterChef watch parties, xQc could potentially reveal his other foot to garner more attention from the audience that's perturbed by his "goblin" toe. While several Twitch fans may be lamenting the fact that they saw it, it's unlikely the livestreamer will show his toes off again anytime soon with his streams regularly focusing on his upper half.

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