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FIFA 22: Best 4-Star Teams To Use On Online Seasons

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:05 PM

When playing Online Seasons, there are plenty of 4-star teams in FIFA 22 that can take players to victory.

p>There are hundreds of teams available in FIFA 22 for players to use on Seasons, with all of them having a star rating and overall rating based on the players they have in the team. When playing Online Seasons, players may be tempted to select 5-star teams, but find that they struggle to deal with their opponents using similarly highly-powered teams with the game's highest rated players at their disposal.

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There are far many more teams than just the elite ten squads that players can use. Four-star teams can provide interesting games, as there is more room for AI player error and overall more interesting gameplay. Some of the four-star teams available in FIFA 22 are better than others, but since Seasons matches players up with similar team levels and skill levels, fans will want to make sure that they are picking the best four-star team on FIFA 22.

6 LOSC Lille

LOSC Lille is somewhat underrated when considering the teams in French Ligue 1. With an overall rating of 78, they have a fairly balanced team with stats of 77 Attack, 79 Midfield, and 78 Defense. Players don't have to worry about any areas of the pitch being noticeably weak so long as they avoid beginner mistakes and take the game slowly.

LOSC Lille players should hope to be matched against a team that has very similar ratings. Going against higher-rated teams is likely to lead to a noticeable disadvantage, so players should keep that in mind if they are playing at a high division level (1-3) on Seasons.

5 Aston Villa

A well-known, reliably mid-table-finish team, Aston Villa have been witnessing some impressive squad changes recently that inspires a renewed interest in them. Villa is a great team to use in FIFA 22 Seasons when going up against similarly-rated teams. They have 78 Attack, 76 Midfield, and 77 Defense giving them an Overall rating of 78.

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Villa are strongest in their attack with options including Ollie Watkins, Leon Bailey, and Bertrand Traore, who are all dominating forwards in FUT. Naturally, players should look to set their team up with Custom Tactics favoring an Attacking-based play in order to win matches with this team.

4 Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Bayer 04 Leverkusen are a German team in the Bundesliga 1. With 78 Attack, 78 Midfield, and 76 Defense, their overall rating is 78. While there are certainly more obvious choices for player picks in the Bundesliga, Leverkusen are one of the best teams to use when playing Online Seasons.

Leverkusen have plenty of great individual players that can make up a strong attack. Wirtz, Diaby, and Paulinho are all helpful for players looking to launch an unstoppable Counter Attack before finishing off with a precision finesse shot and taking the lead against the opponent.

3 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton have been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, ever since being promoted to the Premier League. As such, their squad on FIFA is proving to be an increasingly viable pick for players. When considering four-star teams on Seasons, Wolves are one of the best that the game has on offer.

Their 78 Attack, 81 Midfield, and 77 Defense gives them an overall rating of 78. Wolves have the highest midfield out of all of FIFA 22's four-star teams, so for those that play possession-based football "out of the middle," they may want to take advantage of what Wolves have to offer. Individual players such as Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, and Raul Jiminez all excel on attacks. While Jiminez is not the highest rated forward, he has the potential to be an absolute goal machine when used correctly.

2 Sporting CP

Sporting CP's 79 Attack and Midfield and 78 Defense give them a 78 Overall Rating, which players may find confusing seeing as how two aspects of their team are higher than 78.

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Pro FIFA 22 tip: players using more restricted matchmaking to ensure facing opponents with a similarly-rated team have an advantage if they use Sporting CP, due to how low their Overall rated is despite what they can offer in both Attack and Midfield.

1 Olympique de Marseille

A very well-established team and among the best that the French Ligue 1 has to offer, Marseille are a worthy choice for players looking to play on Online Seasons with four-star teams. While they don't have the most highest rated goalkeeper, Steve Mandanda is a legend and is sure to prevent many shots from scoring.

With a 78 Overall rating, Marseille has 80 Attack, 77 Midfield, and 75 Defense. Their attack rating gives them an edge when facing against other four-star teams that players should use to ensure the best chance of success.

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