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Final Fantasy 14: Newfound Adventure Trailer Drops

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

Square Enix releases an exciting trailer for Endwalker's first major patch that shows the newfound adventures the Warrior of Light embarks upon.

p>Final Fantasy 14 is starting off a new chapter in the tale of Etheirys with Newfound Adventure, the first major content patch of Endwalker. Square Enix's MMO has enjoyed a steady stream of success over the past year or so, as the population in Final Fantasy 14 doubled thanks to the successful launch of its fourth expansion, prompting the company to look into a gradual process of expanding the game's data centers across the globe.

While the content of Newfound Adventure has been the subject of previous Live Letters, developer interviews, as well as the Letter From The Producer livestream, a new trailer is the first real look at the patch that's due to arrive on April 12th. It brings a new Alliance Raid centered around the Twelve Gods of Eorzea, as well as new optional questlines featuring Tataru Taru and Hildibrand Manderville.

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The Final Fantasy 14 trailer for Newfound Adventure opens with Tataru and the Warrior of Light discussing the peaceful and quiet state of affairs in the wake of the Scions' success in thwarting the Song of Oblivion. The scene fades to black as it cuts to an unknown voice talking of treasure maps and long-lost riches – a more straightforward, simple call to adventure.

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A good guess as to where this patch might bring the former Scions of the Seventh Dawn are the southern reaches of the Bounty, a tropical region bordering Ilsabard where the island of Thavnair lies, one of Endwalker's featured zones. This is further implied with the re-appearance of Varshahn, the simulacrum of Vrtra manifested by his right eye, as well as the focus on the Matanga Tribe quests that the patch will bring.

The trailer then goes on to tease Y'shtola's research into a means to traverse the aetherial rift between the thirteen reflections of Etheirys, having already famously featured the First reflection in Final Fantasy 14's Shadowbringers expansion. A few quick scenes with figures resembling the voidsent, denizens of the lost Thirteenth reflection, also make an appearance.

The second half of the trailer, on the other hand, showcases the new Alliance Raid in all its glory, featuring four gods from the Eorzean pantheon of the Twelve. While delving into their mysteries, it is likely that players will be confronting a primal version of their gods, and the first wing of the raid is going to feature Byregot, Azeyma, Nald'thal, and Rhalgr as the challenges for the Warrior of Light to overcome.

Lastly, the trailer concludes with a brief scene of the Warrior of Light in their new, humble traveling attire, before teasing the new Ultimate Trial with a shot featuring King Thordan. Needless to say, players will have a lot of content to sink their claws into as they embark on a Newfound Adventure on April 12th.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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