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First Xbox Game Pass Title Confirmed for May

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:10 AM

Although Xbox Game Pass has only just announced its full line-up for April, the subscription service is also revealing the first game for May.

p>Xbox Game Pass is one of the most popular subscription services available to gamers today. Giving a wealthy selection of new games and old classics to fans every month, many PC and Xbox players have signed up to the service to prevent paying full price for games. Xbox's main competitor in Sony PlayStation has been recently working on a competitor to Game Pass in PlayStation Plus Premium, though some are skeptical as to whether this will match Microsoft's popular service.

With April 2022 in its early days, Xbox Game Pass has been unveiling the free games coming to the service. Kicking off April are the releases of Cricket 22 and MLB The Show 22, two games for sports fans to enjoy. Later in the month, subscribers will be able to download some non-sports titles though, including Life is Strange: True Colors on April 12, Star Wars: Squadrons on April 7, and Lost In Random on April 14. For any gamer that doesn't have anything to look forward to in the April line-up for Xbox Game Pass though, the service has already revealed a Day One game coming in May.

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Citizen Sleeper is a turn-based RPG heavily inspired by tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons. The game is created by a one-person studio known as Jump Over the Age, previously known for In Other Waters, and will be a Day One addition to Xbox Game Pass. For any gamer looking for a new stylistic indie-RPG with plenty of player freedom, they may want to keep an eye out for when Citizen Sleeper drops on May 5, the same day that it launches on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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There are some other Day One games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April too, such as MLB: The Show 22 and Chinatown Detective Agency. More Day One games have been making their way onto Xbox Game Pass as the service has grown over time, meaning that even on release fans won't have to pay a full price for a game they've been waiting for. Looking to May, there have so far been no other announcements made about the games coming to Game Pass, with Citizen Sleeper likely being the first game subscribers will know about for some time.

Returning to April's line-up though, as with most months for Xbox Game Pass the additions to the service do not come without some games being removed from it. Six games will be leaving the vast number of titles on Xbox Game Pass this April, including big names like Destiny 2: Beyond Light and smaller titles such as The Long Dark.

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