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Fortnite Leak Suggests Doom and Family Guy Skins Are Coming

Fortnite Leak Suggests Doom and Family Guy Skins Are Coming Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:45 PM

Peter Griffin and the rest of Family Guy may be coming to Fortnite soon to rip and tear foes alongside Doom's demon-killing slayer.

p>The popularity of Fortnite continues to make it a marquee place for some of the biggest pop culture franchises to appear, in one form or another. Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Dune, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Borderlands, and so much more have skins, pickaxes, and other cosmetics for players to highlight their fandoms. It appears two more may be set to join the game soon as, according to a new leak, Family Guy and Doom content is on the way.

Players have been hopping into Fortnite's battle royale since it launched in 2017, with players trying to shoot and build their way to ultimate victory on the colorful island battlefield. The game has undergone several changes since then, in an effort to keep it fresh, with changes to the island and game mechanics introduced as part of new seasons. Fortnite's current season, dubbed Resistance, saw the addition of a no-build mode, putting emphasis on players' skills in combat with no means of building defenses or new pathways.

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The potential leak was posted on Twitter by user Polaq in a tweet with two screenshots taken from the Fortnite portion of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 showcase stream. A list of files can be seen on the right-hand side of the image, all of which are on a separate monitor to the image file seen on the primary monitor. While Polaq's zoomed-in screenshot is fuzzy, the words Doom and Family Guy can be made out among the game files listed.

window.arrayOfEmbeds["1511371719575015429"] = {'embedded_twitter' : '"<blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\"><p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\">IN ONE OF THE FORTNITE CLIPS THEY SHOWED IN THE UNREAL ENGINE 5 STREAM YOU CAN SEE A FOLDER CALLED FAMILY GUY AND DOOM IN THE CINEMATIC SEQUENCE<br><br>LMAO? <a href=\"https:\/\/t.co\/XgX1NsP2aH\">pic.twitter.com\/XgX1NsP2aH<\/a><\/p>&mdash; polaq \ud83d\udc31 (@polaqwym) <a href=\"https:\/\/twitter.com\/polaqwym\/status\/1511371719575015429?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw\">April 5, 2022<\/a><\/blockquote>\n\n"'};

If Epic is looking for a proverbial cosmetic factory, the longevity of Family Guy makes it a ripe option to choose from for Fortnite. The Griffins would be a logical starting point as Epic could bring Peter and Lois into the game, with plenty of options to choose from for those two, such as the couple in their younger days or Peter from his stint on the New England Patriots. However, as popular as characters like Stewie and Brian are, their shorter stature could make them harder to fit as most skins appear to have very similar hit-boxes.

Doom would also make a worthwhile addition to the collection of content from other gaming franchises, including the aforementioned Borderlands and 2018's God of War. The slayer has been seen in multiple incarnations since the first 1993 game, all of which have maintained a similar design motif. It would not be surprising to see the current version, introduced in 2016's Doom, as the version Epic creates a Fortnite skin for.

Fortnite is currently available on Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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