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Funny Skyrim Video Shows Thief Try to Rob a Werewolf

Funny Skyrim Video Shows Thief Try to Rob a Werewolf Image
  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 19:39 PM

One Skyrim fan posts a video that showcases a random encounter with a thief who tries to rob the player while in werewolf form.

p>One of the many draws of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is the random encounters that can occur throughout the open world. In order to make gamers feel like they are a part of said world, as opposed to the center of it, Skyrim will often have NPCs walking through the wilderness who will walk up to the player with different intentions. However, sometimes these encounters can occur under hilarious circumstances.

A commonality featured in many of the cities within Skyrim are thieves. While the Thieves Guild in Riften is what likely comes to mind when most players think of thieves in Skyrim, there are also thief NPCs that can sometimes appear in other townsteads and on the road. Thieves are often seen robbing other NPCs, which can result in a fight, but thieves can also target the Dragonborn directly, which can lead to some amusing outcomes.

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A Reddit user named MajorOfCrime encountered a thief while wandering the open world as a werewolf, an ability that can be acquired via the Companion's Guild. After engaging the thief in conversation for a little while, the player then proceeds to kill the thief as a werewolf. The game is obviously programmed to have thieves try and rob the player every so often, but it's certainly funny to imagine the thief conciously choosing to rob a werewolf.

Although the tone of the game is meant to be very serious and thoughtful at times, due to the sheer number of glitches and bugs that can occur within Skyrim, it's easy for players to find themselves in humorous predicaments. However, the situation with the thief robbing the werewolf isn't necessarily the result of a glitch, but more so the fact that the thief NPC still registers the player as the Dragonborn, despite being a werewolf.

In any case, it's amazing to see players still actively playing Skyrim nearly a decade after its initial release. Not only that, but the game being re-released on so many different platforms and console generations is rare. The fact that many players are excited for the upcoming release of Skyrim: Anniversary Edition goes to show how much Skyrim's popularity has managed to persist.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for The Elder Scrolls series going forward. The Elder Scrolls 6 certainly has big shoes to fill, but the lack of news regarding the game's development has left fans with a number of questions. With any luck, new information regarding the development of The Elder Scrolls 6 will be revealed in due time.

Skyrim is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with the Anniversary Edition set to launch on November 11 for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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