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Game Pass is Losing One of Its Biggest Games on April 11

Game Pass is Losing One of Its Biggest Games on April 11 Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:40 PM

Game Pass subscribers should be aware that it is losing one of its biggest PC games on April 11, but it is working differently than most games.

p>Game Pass has been a fruitful venture for Microsoft, one that is constantly giving fans new games to check out. From day one Xbox releases like Halo Infinite to this year’s Starfield, the sheer plethora of games every month, and so on, it’s easy to understand why many consider it to be the best value in gaming.

Right now, not much has been announced for April, but fans know that it’s only a matter of time before Xbox social media accounts reveal the upcoming games. Two Xbox Game Pass games confirmed so far this month include MLB The Show 22 on April 5 and Chinatown Detective Agency on April 7, both day-one games. However, while this will be filled out over the month, Game Pass across PC, cloud, and console will lose a couple too.

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It does often seem that Xbox Game Pass gains more than it loses, though, and it’s an overall understandable situation. Sadly, Game Pass on PC will lose one of it biggest games come April 11—one that has already left cloud and console. That is Destiny 2, but it’s not all bad news.

Game Pass Loses One of Its Biggest Games Soon, But It’s Not All Bad News

It’s been announced for some time now, but those who have been interested in hopping on Destiny 2 with Game Pass should be aware that they have 10 days left to download it. It will officially leave Game Pass on PC on April 11, as well as its various expansions up to Beyond Light, but that’s not bad news for those who are sure to download it beforehand. While games are usually done once they're off the service, Destiny 2 is working a little differently.

According to Bungie’s official help article on the matter, PC Game Pass subscribers will still be able to access the Destiny 2 expansions they’ve downloaded as long as their Game Pass subscription is maintained. This difference is likely due to the live-nature service of Destiny, as opposed to the standard games usually found on the service.

This means that those who have hopped on the Destiny 2 train game through PC Game Pass will not suddenly have to pass for these, while those who download it between now and April 11 wouldn’t have to rush through all the content. Destiny 2’s expansions are a time sink, but few games have managed to maintain the life cycle that Bungie’s shooter has. Luckily, this means players can still take their time, as opposed to when other games are removed from Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of games every month.

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Source: Bungie

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