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Games To Try If You Loved Propnight

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:00 PM

Propnight is an entertaining multiplayer adventure but there are other titles out there with a similar feel. Here's a look at some of the best.

p>Propnight was recently released and players from all over the globe are trying their hand at escaping one another through a heart-racing adventure that mixes survival and deception elements into the ultimate game of hide and seek. Players band together, armed with the ability to transform into any prop they please, in the hopes of blending into their surroundings so that they can avoid a maniacal killer.

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Those that become monsters are forced to hunt down the pack of players and put them down, before they have a chance to escape the area. It's a fun release that takes the idea of Prop Hunt and amps up the danger. Although, for some, it seems a bit "unpolished" in its current state, it's still a blast to play with friends. Here's a look at some other titles that players may enjoy if they're having a good time with Propnight.

6 Dead By Daylight

This is probably the easiest "transition" for those that enjoy Propnight but are looking for something a little more in-depth. It's arguable that Propnight blends together gameplay elements from Prop Hunt and Dead By Daylight, with the latter having similar "repairing" mechanics and the central theme of trying to escape a killer.

It is important to note that Dead by Daylight is definitely a more "mature" game, featuring a heavier dose of violence, bloodshed, and far more disturbing monsters. Those that live and breathe the Horror genre (or are just looking for a good scare) will probably appreciate the world of Dead by Daylight even more than they do Propnight. It's been around for quite some time too, with the developers constantly updating and adding new characters and locations.

5 Monstrum 2

Those looking for fewer puzzle mechanics and strategy and more action-based running and escaping may want to give Monstrum 2 a try. It's important to note that this title is in Early Access (and has been since January of this year) but shows a lot of promise, with many players giving it a good review based on its elements rather than its current lack of polish.

Monstrum shares the same concept as Propnight but ditches the "prop-changing ability" and instead pits four gamers against a player-controlled monstrosity that must hunt them down before they can escape. It's scary solo and can be pretty entertaining with friends. The only downside at the moment is trying to find enough players to form a game for those that plan on going about it as a solo act.

4 Dark Home

One of the best parts of Propnight comes from the scares that players can inflict on one another. There are few things more frightening than being actively pursued by something and it can be a high-stress game of mental gymnastics when players are forced to keep their heads on a swivel while performing tasks.

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Dark Home takes the tension of that concept and amplifies it tenfold by placing players into a dark and foreboding house, surrounding them with scary environments similar to those found in Phasmophobia. Pair that with some creepy spectral foes and it's a recipe for frightful fun that players of Propnight will likely enjoy.

3 PIGGY: Hunt

Part of Propnight's charm is that it's not nearly as bloody, gory, or over the top as a lot of other multiplayer "survival horror" style games. PIGGY: Hunt follows that same concept by offering players a game that is all about "spooky survival" but plays more like a release that gamers can enjoy with the whole family.

The concept is very similar and almost takes on an Among Us-style setup where players navigate via top-down view through a series of rooms and corridors, fixing items and finding useful tools. They'll do all of this while avoiding an "infected," a giant Piggy that will eliminate any players they manage to catch. It's a lot of fun and has some solid reviews on Steam.

2 Among Us

Speaking of Among Us, it's another great title for those that enjoy the multiplayer aspect of Propnight. Players won't have the same prop-wielding powers but the title very much rewards those who are good at blending in.

Among Us features many more players on a map at one time than Propnight and amplifies the need for deception by placing some players as Impostors and forcing them to eliminate the rest of the crew before they can finish a set number of tasks. It's a lot of fun and requires players to think quickly on their feet to avoid being ousted as an Imposter or, worse, being wrongly accused and sentenced to their doom by their peers.

1 Prop Hunt

Propnight feels like a blend of multiple games but its two most poignant influences are Dead by Daylight and Prop Hunt. Those that have never stepped into the world of Prop Hunt should definitely take a moment to visit the "original release."

Although there are some games floating around Steam that are meant to be standalone adventures, many players prefer the Garry's Mod version of Prop Hunt which acts like a giant twisted game of Hide and Seek. Those looking to join in on the fun can load up Garry's Mod and find a server that is participating in the madness.

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