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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Bennett

Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Bennett Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:31 PM

Genshin Impact's Bennett is a powerful support character when paired with the right teammates. These are his best team compositions.

p>Bennett remains the only member of Benny's Adventure Team, as his teammates always leave him for his rather weird magnetism towards back luck. Unfortunately for them, Bennett in Genshin Impact remains quite the asset in any team. Being a Pyro Sword user, Bennett capitalizes on using fire and speed to overwhelm enemies with his swift slashes. But as any Bennett user knows, the young man shines when it comes to assisting teammates.

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As a Support character, Bennett excels helping his teammates outlast his enemies in combat. Instead of healing his comrades, however, Bennett can enhance their innate abilities through his Elemental Resonance and other offerings. And with the right team composition, Bennett's fires can help his team consistently devastate foes in Genshin Impact.

Updated on 4 April 2022 by Rhenn Taguiam: Fans of Electro heroes delighted in the arrival of Yae Miko with the Genshin Impact 2.5 Update, and Hydro fans were treated to the debut of swordmaster Kamisato Ayato in March 2022’s 2.6 Update. Considering the offensive nature of Ayato, it’s natural to consider pairing this new hero with a support user like Bennett. After all, their Pyro-Hydro synergy will at least give the benefits of Vaporize to the party, right? However, along with players testing Ayato and Bennett’s compatibility, they might want to see how the latter fairs teaming up with other characters as well.

Enter Bennett

Given his priorities as a Support Unit, Bennett may be able to fit any setup that requires a healer or a buffer. However, before players add him to any setup, Bennett can actually benefit from specific personal builds that can help maximize his support potential.

Notable Constellations

Unlike other characters, Bennett's Constellations are extreme straightforward. These make it much easier for players to build Bennett in a way that they want in order to capitalize his support potential. Here are some Constellations to take note of:

  • Grand Expectation: With this Constellation, Bennett will no longer get an HP restriction to his Fantastic Voyage. Moreover, Bennett gets a 20-percent boost to his base attack.
  • Impasse Conqueror: Bennett recharges his energy 30-percent faster whenever his HP falls below 70-percent. This is ideal for most battles, as Bennett's fast energy recharge can help him dish out better support moves.
  • Fire Ventures With Me: When other Sword, Claymore, or Polearm users exist within Fantastic Voyage's AOE, they now receive 15-percent Pyro Damage boosts and deal Pyro Damage when attacking.

Ideal Weapon

As a major support character, Bennett shines the most when his build emphasizes buffing his allies for that extra damage boost. At its core, Bennett's ideal weapons help increase Bennett's base damage, enabling him to take on a more offensive role.

  • Skyward Blade: When using Skyward Blade, Bennett gets a 4-percent boost to critical hit rate. Moreover, he gets the Skypiercing Might buff whenever he uses an Elemental Burst. This increases his overall speed by 10-percent and gives him a 20-percent damage buff to both normal and charged attack for 12 seconds.
  • Festering Desire: This weapon boosts Bennett's Elemental Skill Damage by as much as 16-percent, and he gets a 6-percent Elemental Skill Buff.

Ideal Artifact Set

Bennett can shine using Artifact sets that emphasize his potential as a support role. With this in mind, he works best with sets that boost his Elemental Burst or his base attacks as a whole.

  • Gladiator's Finale: With two items equipped, Bennett gets an 18-percent boost to attack. Meanwhile, using four items can give him a 35-percent normal attack boost when using an Artifact Set with a Polearm, Claymore, or Sword.
  • Noblesse Oblige: Using two items of this set would give Bennett a 20-percent damage to Elemental Burst. At four items, Bennett can extend this benefit to Elemental Burst to all party members for 12 seconds.

Which Team Composition To Use?

Thanks to Bennett's support potential, he can become an asset to almost any party. However, Bennett can especially rock the support role when his partners are able to benefit the most from his buffs. At its core, Bennett works best when used with Pyro teammates. However, interactions that work with Pyro also help Bennett shine. Here are some ideal teammates:

Keqing, Raiden Shogun, Kazuha

Players who want to capitalize on the support potential of Bennett should place him on a party with aggressive characters, such as Keqing (Electro), Raiden Shogun (Electro), and Kazuha (Anemo). In this lineup, Keqing’s speed makes her the core DPS whereas Kazuha and Bennett enable her to maximize her DPS capabilities with boosted damage.

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An interesting component here is Raiden Shogun, equally a compelling aggressive character, which serves as a long-ranged secondary DPS for the team. Kazuha can become a buffer and major crowd control, with her abilities leaving enemies open for worse Elemental damage over time.

Xiangling, Raiden Shogun, Ayato

Players who want to test the full extent of Bennett’s support abilities might want to place him at a party that can deal high damage quickly and efficiently, such as with Xiangling (Pyro), Raiden Shogun (Electro), and Ayato (Hydro).

Aside from Bennett boosting the team’s overall DPS, it’s the Elemental Synergies and Resonances that would do a bulk of the work for the rest of the party. For instance, Xiangling and Ayato can enjoy boosted damage with Vaporize, whereas Raiden Shogun and Xingqiu can enjoy Electro-Charged. With Raiden Shogun serving as main DPS and Xiangling and Ayato as Sub-DPS, Bennett mains will definitely enjoy tinkering with the team synergies.

Xiangling, Ayato, Chongyun

Players looking to deal heavier damage with Bennett’s support abilities might want to give a shot to a team with Xiangling (Fire), Ayato (Hydro), and Chongyun (Cryo). Similar to the previous arrangement, this particular lineup allows Bennett to enjoy boosting DPS with the respect of Elemental Resonance and Synergies.

This time around, Xiangling and Ayato can work with Vaporize to quickly reduce enemies to shreds, whereas Xingqiu and Chongyun can help Freeze opponents. These kinds of playful synergies can provide unprecedented opportunities for Bennett mains to maximize their buffing abilities and provide decent support to players.

Ayato, Sucrose, Zhongli

Players prioritizing a steady defense will want to switch up their game to rely on more defensive characters, such as Ayato (Hydro), Sucrose (Anemo), and Zhongl (Geo). While Bennett provides base DPS advantages to the team, the rest of the characters add unique elements to make the dynamics of combat as equal as possible.

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For instance, Ayato serves as the primary DPS of the team, with Sucrose gathering opponents for him to eliminate while providing support to the team. Zhongli becomes the team’s beacon for defense, providing the squad with valuable Geo defenses.

Hu Tao, Kaeya, Zhongli

Players who want to tinker around with Bennett’s support capabilities should check out a build with Hu Tao (Pyro), Kaeya (Cryo), and Zhongli (Geo). As usual, while Bennett provides core buffs, the other members of the team bring a wide array of offensive capabilities to the squad.

For instance, Hu Tao serves as the primary DPS of the team, with Kaeya adding some firepower (ice power?) while freezing enemies with his attacks. When it comes to defense, Zhongli’s various protective capabilities come to mind in order to come to the party’s defense.

Diluc, Barbara, Diona

Beginners to Genshin Impact could maximize Bennett's innate healing potential. Thanks to a party with Diluc (Pyro), Barbara (Hydro), and Diona (Cryo), newcomers can get a consistently balanced team. At its core, Diluc becomes the team's heavy-lifter due to his DPS skills. As a Pyro, his skills synergize well with Bennett's nature. Moreover, Bennett's burst alone can help Diluc boost his overall performance.

Diluc also becomes the DPS center of the team with Barbara and Diona. Being an early-game guarantee, Barbara is easily a reliable healer in any party. Meanwhile, Diona's handy shielding abilities and occasional Cryo reactions can add useful defense to the team.

Zhongli, Xiao, Tartaglia

Players looking for a decently-balanced team loadout could have Bennett partner with Zhongli (Geo), Xiao (Anemo), and Tartaglia (Hydro). With Bennett as the supportive buffer, Tartaglia easily becomes the team's powerhouse DPS. This pairing alone should be enough to consistently dish out decent DPS against most foes.

However, perhaps interesting is how this pairing also intersects nicely with Xiao and Zhongli's presence. As an Anemo, Xiao's innate crowd control potential kicks in - clearing the floor for Tartaglia to finish enemies off. And when the party becomes vulnerable, Zhongli's solid defense can protect the team.

Xiangling, Fischl, Tartaglia

Players looking for a more aggressive team build with Bennett can capitalize on Xiangling (Pyro), Fischl (Electro), and Tartaglia (Hydro). Thanks to their synergies, Bennett can easily amp up the attacking power of his teammates. At its core, Xiangling's presence alone buffs the ATK of the entire team. As such, Tartaglia as a DPS can get a whopping power boost from these synergies.

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Thanks to Xiangling's C1, enemies will also get lower Pyro RES. This vulnerability should make them wide open for Xiangling and Bennett's more powerful attacks. And with Fischl, her skills and burst can generate stunning Electro reactions.

Diluc, Ganyu, Venti

Players looking for a DPS-heavy lineup can have Bennett join Diluc (Pyro), Ganyu (Cryo), and Venti (Anemo). At its core, Diluc becomes the team's main DPS whereas Ganyu and Venti become the team's secondary DPS units. With their synergies, their main elemental reactions become Melt and Swirl - and their innate bonuses become apparent to maximize the team's DPS output.

Bennett and Diluc alone benefits from their pairing's 15-percent Pyro DMG bonus. With the Wolf's Gravestone and Crimson Witch of Flames set, Diluc can boost Burning, Vaporize, and Melt DMG. Meanwhile, Ganyu with the Favonius Warbow and Blizzard Strayer Set can boost the team's entire CRIT Rate by having allies hit enemies affected by her Cryo effects. Lastly, Venti with Elegy for the End and Viridescent Venerer gets a whopping 60-percent Swirl DMG bonus.

Klee, Xiao, Ganyu

Players looking for a more damage-heavy lineup can also rely on another Pyro-Cryo-Anemo setup. Bennett can maximize his support potential with Klee (Pyro), Xiao (Anemo), and Ganyu (Cryo). With Bennett's burst, all his teammates get a massive DMG boost - increasing their potency as DPS-heavy characters. In turn, this party becomes a great asset for long-term engagements.

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At its core, Pyro Resonance with Klee will already boost Bennett and Klee's overall ATK. Meanwhile, Xiao can get a constant heal with his Burst Form, effective for potentially-lethal incursions. Lastly, Ganyu gets more DMG with Melt Reaction.

Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Kazuha

Bennett can give a ton of firepower to teammates in need with the right mixture of buffs. And an ideal teammate for these synergies would be Hu Tao (Pyro), Xingqiu (Hydro) and Kazuha (Anemo). With Bennett constantly buffing the DMG of the team, their DPS output can reach phenomenal numbers in no time.

At its core, Hu Tao and Kazuha can alternate as the team's primary DPS members - subbing each other whenever they have to manage their CDs. Hu Tao, with boosts from both Bennett's bursts and Pyro synergies, can easily pummel through foes with Kazuha's bonus buffs. Whenever Hu Tao rests, Kazuha can weaken enemies and buff the rest of the team. Xingqiu enjoys the same perks, maxing her DPS output courtesy of both Hu Tao and Kazuha.

Zhongli, Albedo, Tartaglia

Bennett can give a massive DMG boost to the already-potent synergies of Zhongli (Geo), Albedo (Geo) and Tartaglia (Hydro). This team setup will take full advantage of the Geo Resonance between Zhongli and Albedo, which will boost the innate DMG of all teammates.

However, unlike other synergies, Tartaglia as main DPS can reap the DMG benefits of Vaporize, courtesy of Bennett. This will skyrocket his damage output to exponential levels. Not to mention, Zhongli's combos consistently deal damage against foes, with Albedo's support increasing the team's overall sustainability.

Genshin Impact was released in 2020 and is playable on the PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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