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Genshin Impact: New Sumeru Promo Reveals Alhaitham, Dehya, and Cyno Weapon Type

Genshin Impact: New Sumeru Promo Reveals Alhaitham, Dehya, and Cyno Weapon Type Image
  • Posted on 11th Aug, 2022 13:42 PM

A new Genshin Impact video gives more information about some of the characters who are expected to arrive in the foreseeable future.

p>Genshin Impact has been releasing numerous trailers announcing their upcoming major update which will add a new region by the name Sumeru. The first Sumeru update will also introduce the only missing element from the playable roster.

Developer HoYoverse has revealed a new promo video giving more information about the new major region. The video features numerous characters that will most likely arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact updates.

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One of the scenes shows a fight between Alhaitham and Cyno which was interrupted by a third character named Dehya. The video confirms previous leaks claiming that the Alhaitham is a new sword user. According to a popular fan-made theory, his unique name is apparently based on a popular Arab mathematician named Ḥasan Ibn al-Haytham, fitting considering that all of Sumeru's trailers have been hinting that the new nation is based on Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Even though there is still no official information about his rarity, Alhaitham is expected to be a new five-star character.

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The other character in the fight, Cyno, will be a new polearm character whose design seems to be inspired by Ancient Egypt. A couple of comments claim that his unique headpiece resembles Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead. Previous leaks have revealed that Cyno will be a new DPS character in Genshin Impact with the ability to control the Electro element. His elemental skill will allow him forward dealing Electro damage in the process, similar to Xiao's dash. Cyno's elemental burst can infuse his weapon with Electro and change the effects of his skills Normal Attacks.

When it comes to Cyno's rarity, he is also expected to be a new five-star character. According to previous Genshin Impact leaks, Cyno is rumored to appear in Genshin Impact Version 3.1 alongside Nilou and Candace. The video also confirms that Dehya will be a new claymore character which means that she could also become a strong DPS choice in the future.

Multiple replies in the comment section claim that they can't wait to explore the new Sumeru region. Luckily, the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 Special Program will give more information about the new region as well as Sumeru's first playable characters. The game has previously confirmed three additions to the playable roster: Tighnari, Collei, and Dori. Tignhari and Collei will be the game's first Dendro characters, and they are expected to appear on the first banner while players will have to wait for the second part of the update to get their hands on Dori.

Genshin Impact is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development with no confirmed release date.

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