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Genshin Impact Player Accidentally Causes an Infinite Chain Reaction

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:55 PM

Exploring the new Genshin Impact area known as The Chasm, a player discovers that they can create an infinite chain reaction using a Geo ability.

p>Developer miHoYo continues to add to Genshin Impact through regular updates and players often discover new details in the evolving action-RPG. One Genshin Impact player exploring the world of Teyvat as Zhongli has found a unique way to create an infinite chain reaction in the Chasm using a Geo ability.

Reddit user Pablo_jab posted a clip yesterday of their Genshin Impact travels in which they are wandering the area recently added to the live-service game called the Chasm. The Chasm was added with Genshin Impact update 2.6, and it brings with it tons of new areas for players to explore, enemies and bosses to defeat, and interesting details to uncover. The area of the Chasm in Pablo_jab's video features floating Geo Crystals that create an infinite chain reaction when Pablo_jab uses a Geo ability at the precise time that one spawns, causing an explosive wave to move from one Crystal to another in a perpetual cycle.

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Pablo_jab's Genshin Impact video begins with the player having already begun their infinite chain reaction as they watch it from different angles. Beyond the various floating crystals exploding with a golden light around Pablo_jab, there are also bright yellow wavy lines that glow across the grassy landscape caused by their ability. Seven seconds into the video, Pablo_jab's Zhongli places a pillar down in between these explosions in an attempt to stop the endless chain reaction, but it's ineffective and the Geo skill continues to snowball. After discovering their inability to stop the endless Geo wave, Pablo_jab retreats to a nearby rock to observe the strange phenomena from a safe distance.

Genshin Impact players who haven't unlocked Zhongli will still be able to accomplish this endless chain reaction in the Chasm if they're using a Geo Traveler. Just like Pablo_jab the Genshin Impact player will have to find a glowing rock in the area to use their skill on in order to potentially create an infinite chain reaction. Pablo_jab and others have confirmed that Genshin Impact fans can attempt the same thing in the Chasm using Kamisato Ayaka or Mona's dash ability repeatedly until they're able to trigger the same reaction.

According to Pablo_jab, this response to their Geo ability continues beyond the video's conclusion to the point where they had to close the game. Because this may cause issues in Genshin Impact if multiple players go to the Chasm to perform this self-perpetuating Geo wave, miHoYo may put a limit on how many Crystals explode as they do in Pablo_jab's video. The Chasm was added to Genshin Impact last week, so there may be even more hidden details like this for players to discover in the area.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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