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Ghost of Tsushima Dev Happy Assassin's Creed Didn't Go to Japan

Ghost of Tsushima Dev Happy Assassin's Creed Didn't Go to Japan Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 20:30 PM

Ghost of Tsushima developer Nate Fox states that he and his team at Sucker Punch are glad that Ubisoft didn't decide to go to Japan with Assassin's Creed Origins.

p>As many who attended and tuned into Sony's PlayStation E3 2018 press conference will surely attest, Sucker Punch definitely delivered an incredibly stunning gameplay trailer for Ghost of Tsushima during the annual expo, giving many fans even more hope for the PS4's slew of future exclusives. With the samurai adventure having influences from the Kamakura period of Japan's history, it certainly has promise to deliver a unique gameplay experience, which is something the Sucker Punch developer Nate Fox is glad he and his team were able to do before Assassin's Creed could.

This much was intimated by Fox during a recent interview with Kotaku, in which the Ghost of Tsushima developer was asked if he or anyone at Sucker Punch had checked in with Ubisoft to ensure there wouldn’t be overlap with the French company's plans for Assassin's Creed. Fox said that no one had looked into it. He further elaborated on the matter, saying, “Last E3, I was sweating bullets. … I was happy when [Assassin's Creed Origins] was set in Egypt.”

As it so happens, players were definitely happy that Assassin's Creed Origins was set in Egypt as well, as the open world action-adventure release from Ubisoft went on to be praised in many positive reviews for its in-depth exploration Ancient Egyptian mythology and lore. Of course, while Fox is likely a fan of AC Origins as well, the Sucker Punch developer is definitely referring to him being happy that Ghost of Tsushima won't be dismissed by the public as an Assassin's Creed ripoff when it launches for PS4 next year.

All things told, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be a legitimately lofty enterprise when one considers Sucker Punch's previous efforts like the Infamous or Sly Cooper series. That's not to say either aren't solid games, but they weren't aiming to tell a story as serious in tone as Ghost of Tsushima. And with such features as being able to play through the entire title in Japanese with English subtitles, it's obvious Sucker Punch wants Ghost of Tsushima to be as authentic as possible.

Ghost of Tsushima is currently in development for PlayStation 4, but lacks an official release date.

Source: Kotaku

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