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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Complete Guide & Walkthrough

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:46 PM

A complete guide for Ghostwire: Tokyo, featuring main story walkthroughs, collectible locations, and background information on the game's development.

p>After a six-month delay and a development cycle that lasted for more than three years, Ghostwire: Tokyo was finally released for the PS5 and PC in March of 2022. Despite its relatively short length and the lukewarm response that it received from critics, the game has proven to be incredibly popular with those who've played it, with the PC version boasting an impressive 8.5 User Score on Metacritic at the time of writing.

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Set primarily in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Ghostwire: Tokyo places players in the shoes of Akito: a young man who unwittingly finds himself right at the center of a supernatural plot that's threatening to destroy the entire world. With the help of the spirit of a man named KK, they'll need to fight their way through the streets of Tokyo in order to put a stop to the mysterious man in the Hannya mask who is responsible for all of the chaos.

Updated April 5, 2022, by Tom Bowen: It may not have set the charts alight, but Ghostwire: Tokyo has managed to pull in some fairly respectable numbers and is well on track to becoming Tango Gameworks' most successful game to date. Those who've played it will probably agree that it's worthy of that title, as, although it's far from perfect, it's a game that's both charming and alarming in equal measures. Even after the main story is over, there's plenty for players to see and do, including completing side missions and finding collectibles. With that in mind, this guide has been updated to include information on where to find every Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo, as well as the locations of all 52 of the game's Jizo Statues.

Getting Started Main Story & Boss Guides
Side Missions Collectibles
Developer Interviews News & Opinions

​​​​Getting Started in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Rather than using a standalone tutorial, Ghostwire: Tokyo instead has players learn while on the job, with the game's entire opening chapter feeling a little like one big lesson on how to play the game. Despite this, there are one or two things that are glazed over, most notably the Hyakki Yako spirit parade and how the game's offering boxes really work.

This section of the guide will include a collection of how-to guides, as well as general tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced players alike. This is also where readers can expect to find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions, including things like the game's pre-order bonuses, early access, and main campaign length.

How-to Guides

Tips & Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions

Main Story & Boss Guides

Though side missions and collectibles help to pad out the game's length quite a bit, Ghostwire: Tokyo's six main story chapters can be completed in around ten hours, making this a fairly short title by modern standards. Some may find this disappointing, others a little refreshing, but one thing that everybody can probably agree on is that the game is far from easy.

One or two of the game's puzzles can be a little tricky, as too can some of the game's end of chapter boss fights. Those needing a little help finding barrier stones or tackling a particularly challenging boss can find guides and walkthroughs to help them right here. There's also a guide on how to fix the bug in Chapter 3 which sometimes prevents players from contacting Ed, which is still to be patched at the time of writing.

Story Walkthroughs

Boss Guides

Side Missions

As well as its six-chapter main story, Ghostwire: Tokyo also features 42 side missions, which are gradually unlocked as players start to cleanse additional Torii gates around Shibuya. The first few become available early on in Chapter 2, though a couple can only be tackled once players have reached the game's fourth chapter.

Those wishing to see the game's true ending will need to complete every single side mission on offer, which will also reward them with the "Wishmaker" trophy/achievement. Despite what the game tells players, none of the side missions are missable, with players able to return to Chapter 4 upon completing the main story. Here, readers can find walkthroughs for some of the more challenging side missions, including the non-missable three-part quest, "After the End."


Like almost every other modern game with open-world sandbox elements, Ghostwire: Tokyo is full to the brim with collectibles for players to track down. These include Jizo Statues, Tanuki, and special Relics that can be traded in for Meika and other great rewards at the various Nekomata cats that can be found scattered around the city.

Unlike other games, however, collecting some of these things can actually help players to grow stronger. Praying at Jizo statues, for example, will increase the maximum capacity of Akito's Ethereal Arts, while other collectible sets reward players with Magatama, which is needed to unlock the nodes barring access to some of the game's very best skills and abilities.

Jizo Statues


Developer Interviews

Prior to the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Game Rant was lucky enough to get a chance to interview some of the team who worked on the game, including legendary Japanese developer, Shinji Mikami. Numerous topics were covered during these interviews, making them a useful source of information for anyone interested in the inspiration behind the game.

Among the topics discussed in these interviews are the relationship between the game's dual protagonists Akito and KK, the challenges of creating a realistic digital depiction of Tokyo, and some of the urban legends which helped to inspire the game's plot and enemy design. For anyone looking for some additional lore and greater insight into the inner workings of the game, this is definitely the best place to start.

News & Opinions

Though the initial response from critics wasn't exactly bad, it perhaps wasn't what the team behind the game would have been hoping for either. How exactly this will impact sales of Ghostwire: Tokyo remains to be seen, though early reports seem to suggest that they're also a little underwhelming, despite being higher than previous Tango Gameworks titles.

Any concrete news on sales will be reported here though, as too will information regarding any post-release updates and patches that the game receives. This is also where readers will be able to find opinion pieces, not just about the game itself, but also some of the themes and ideas that it explores as part of its main story.



Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now on PC and PS5.

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