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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Hitani Shrine Tanuki Locations

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Hitani Shrine Tanuki Locations Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:05 PM

There are two Tanuki to find in Ghostwire: Tokyo's Hitani Shrine; here's where they're hiding.

p>Ghostwire: Tokyo, like many of its open-world counterparts, is no stranger to collectibles hidden throughout the map. Fairly early on in the game, the player will encounter a side quest given by a bossy Tanuki, which is called "Tanuki Hunt." This Tanuki will inform the player that 25 of his fellows have separated, and he tasks the player with locating all of them for him.

The Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo can range from entirely obvious to completely stealthy, so the player must stay vigilant when looking for them. When searching the Hitani shrine for these creatures, read on for a guide on where to find them hiding.

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How To Find Tanuki In Ghostwire: Tokyo

The player has a few ways of locating these furry creatures. They may simply come across them in the world, as they will appear in Spectral Vision as whatever object they are disguised as — but players can identify them by the indicator of a fluffy tail protruding from it. Alternatively, the player can find clues to the whereabouts of the furry fiends by reading the thoughts of the wandering dogs and cats, or they can offer the maximum amount to an Offering Box at its associated shrine to reveal Tanuki locations on the map.

Finding Tanuki In The Hitani Shrine

The shrines are unequal when it comes to Tanuki distribution, as some may have none at all, while others may have two or three. The Hitani Shrine hides two Tanuki in its borders.

First Tanuki

The first Tanuki can be found by walking south from the shrine marker to the overpass. Once on the overpass, head west, and then keep an eye open on the roofline to their right side. Eventually, the player should notice a fenced protrusion with a bunch of AC units in it. On top of one of the AC units will be a large red vase like item called a Daruma, but this Daruma happens to have a fluffy tail.

The player can get access to this spot fairly easily. A bit further right from the protrusion there is a taller building that has a staircase that leads to its roof. The player can simply climb those stairs to the roof of that building, then jump down into the fenced area. Once the player interacts with the Daruma, the hidden Tanuki will reveal itself. It will provide the player with 100 XP and an emote called "Sit 3."

Second Tanuki

The second Tanuki will be further south now from this location. Go all the way to the edge of the shrine's southern border, where if players go directly south from the first Tanuki, they should run into a payphone. Looking south, left of the payphone players will find a patio that they should walk through, and then after exiting that cover they should look immediately down and to the right. Here, a large blue bowl of ramen with a tail should be situated. Of course, this is this second Tanuki. Once the player interacts with it, it will reveal itself and award the player 100 XP and an emote called "Karate Punches."

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available for PS5 and PC.

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