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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Morite Shrine Tanuki Location

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Morite Shrine Tanuki Location Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:00 PM

Looking for the hidden Tanuki at Morite Shrine in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Here's where to spot the hiding creature.

p>Ghostwire: Tokyo has a plethora of interesting side quests and collectibles to find aside from the main story. One of these sides quests will see the player roaming the streets of Tokyo in search of adorable hidden Tanuki. Early in the story, the player will encounter a side quest called "Tanuki Hunt" which will introduce the player to the boss Tanuki. He will explain that his clan has separated across Tokyo and are hiding from the Visitors, and its up to the player to go and locate them for him.

Each shrine in Ghostwire: Tokyo will have a certain number of collectibles associated with it, so that the player can easily keep track of their progress. Not all shrines will have Tanuki, and the number hidden in each shrine is not consistent either. Some shrines will have only one, while others may have three. It is important of course first to clear the fog from the map by cleansing the torii gates. Keep in mind that it may not clear all the fog in that given area, keeping some collectibles hidden in it until further progress is made.

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What Are Tanuki In Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Tanuki are sneaky critters who are able to disguise themselves as everyday objects, but fortunately there is a discrepancy for the player to exploit: their tails will still protrude from their disguise! Players can usually find them in one of two main ways. Sometimes, the player may get lucky and stumble upon them, as they are able to see them highlighted in their spirit vision, tail and all. Players can also find tanuki by reading the thoughts of cats and dogs, who can provide clues as to the whereabouts of their furry cousins.

Finding The Tanuki In The Morite Shrine

Tanuki can be genuinely difficult to find in Ghostwire: Tokyo, as they are pretty well hidden. Fortunately for players, the Morite Shrine only has one Tanuki for the player to locate. Even more fortunate, this one is not particularly difficult to locate. Go directly east of the shrine marker, and cross the main stretch of road with multiple lanes. On the other side of that road players should find an open court with a small building situated on it, with some Visitors idling about. The player can feel free of course to deal with the Visitors to avoid distraction, and then go back to the small building.

On the rooftop of this small building, the player should notice a satellite dish that looks perhaps a little peculiar. This satellite dish of course has a tail, and if the player interacts with it, it should reveal the hidden Tanuki! Like all the other Tanuki, the player will be rewarded with 100 XP and an emote, which in this case is called "Cutie Pie."

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