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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Onten Shrine Tanuki Location

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Onten Shrine Tanuki Location Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:00 PM

The Onten Shrine Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo is hiding out in a dimly lit park and can be found somewhat simply with the assistance of a helpful hound.

p>Ghostwire: Tokyo is full to the brim with side quests and collectibles to keep players distracted from the somewhat short main storyline. Early in the game, they'll encounter a Boss Tanuki who will inform them that they have become separated from their fellow Tanuki and now need help trying to get them all back together. It just so happens that Akito is the best (and only) man for the job.

Boss Tanuki will reveal that the missing Tanuki have disguised themselves as inanimate objects in the wake of the Visitor invasion, making them a bit tricky to find. As Ghostwire: Tokyo players will soon learn, they can be hiding just about anywhere. However, their disguises are far from perfect, as they will often be given away by the fluffy tail protruding from the rear of whatever object they're disguised as.

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How to Find Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Players have all sorts of methods at their disposal when it comes to locating the hidden Tanuki. They'll be able to see the Tanuki very clearly by using KK's Spectral Vision ability, as this will reveal all interactive objects nearby the player. This includes the Tanuki, whose bushy tails will be included in the highlighted outline.

KK is also able to read the thoughts of the various dogs and cats that wander the streets of Shibuya. If they do so, the strays will often provide hints and clues as to the whereabouts of hidden items, and Tanuki are no exception if there happens to be one nearby.

Additionally, the player is able to donate to Offering Boxes which will reveal the marker on the map for any given collectible that the player requests. Players should keep in mind though that this method will only reveal hidden collectibles within the same area as the Offering Box, and also that not all shrines have an Offering Box within their grounds.

How to Find the Onten Shrine Tanuki

Some shrines will have multiple Tanuki and some will have none at all. Fortunately for players, the Onten Shrine has only one Tanuki, and it is fairly simple to find. To locate it, players are going to want to travel north from the shrine map marker and cross the street. The Tanuki is located near the center of this little building block, so players should travel down one of the alleys.

After heading to the location shown above, players should find a paved clearing with a few dogs roaming around. If players look closely, they'll notice that one of them pointing toward a bench with a conspicuous looking cardboard box on it. If the player then interacts with the box, they'll uncover the hidden Tanuki who, like all the others, will offer some dialogue and then reward the player with 100 XP and an emote for their trouble. This particular Tanuki provides players with the "Cuteness Overload" emote.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PS5 and PC.

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