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Ghostwire: Tokyo: Shiroyama Shrine Tanuki Locations

Ghostwire: Tokyo: Shiroyama Shrine Tanuki Locations Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:00 PM

Players of Ghostwire: Tokyo may find the elusive Tanuki to be, well, elusive. Below is how to find the ones in Shirayama Shrine.

p>Ghostwire: Tokyo is much like other open-world games in that it does not shy away from multitudes of collectibles to find. Early in the game, the player will get introduced to all sorts of manner of side quests and collectibles.

One of the earliest side quests in Ghostwire: Tokyo provided to the player is at the Shirayama Shrine, where the player will be introduced to the Tanuki Hunt side quest. An adorable Tanuki leader will relay to the player that they have lost their pack and are trying to find them all again to regroup. The player will of course accept this task and can begin searching for Tanuki right away, with the first one being fairly simple to find as it is directly tied to the intro of the quest.

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Shirayama Shrine Tanuki Locations

Tanuki 1

In order to find this first Tanuki to begin the Tanuki Hunt questline, the player will need to go east from the shrine, down the stairs, and then they should notice a conspicuous-looking item with a tail breaching it. The Tanuki leader, of course, will have told players this is how they are to be identified.

Once the player has found this first Tanuki, they are free to turn the quest into the Tanuki leader back at the shrine, where it will then open up to the player to track down all the missing ones. The two main ways to locate the Tanuki will be by simply stumbling upon them or getting clues from reading the minds of dogs and cats that litter the streets.

Tanuki 2

In total, there are 25 Tanuki hidden around Tokyo. They can be anywhere from the street to the rooftops. In the Shirayama Shrine alone there are three Tanuki. The player has already located the first, so the remaining two are all that are left.

From the shrine, the player can find the next Tanuki by going directly southeast. The player will want to head towards the border of the fog, and there they should notice a large overpass. Under this overpass, there will be a vending machine tilted slightly, with a dog across from it.

If the player reads the mind of the dog it will note that the vending machine looks off, and upon investigation, the player will note its wagging tail: the second Tanuki.

Tanuki 3

From here, the player will want to travel along the road to the south heading east. The fog border should be on the player's left side. If the player continues this way they will eventually come upon a convenience store.

At the top of the store, there is a Tengu available for the player to grapple onto to reach the top. Once at the top, the player should look around the red billboard, as they should discover a tiny torii gate with a tail, the third and final Tanuki. Each Tanuki found will reward Ghostwire: Tokyo players with 100 XP and an emote.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PS5 and PC.

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