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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Tatsui Shrine Tanuki Location

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Tatsui Shrine Tanuki Location Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:35 PM

Searching for Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Here's where to look in the Tatsui Shrine.

p>Ghostwire: Tokyo, like many other games of the open world genre, has a plethora of side quests and collectibles to get lost in while completing the main quest line. Early in the game, players will be introduced to Boss Tanuki, who will inform the player that he has lost sight of all his 25 Tanuki companions.

Players of Ghostwire: Tokyo will then be tasked with hunting down these elusive Tanuki and returning them to the boss. The Tanuki are very sneaky, however, since they are hiding from the Visitor scourge. They are able to disguise themselves as inanimate objects throughout the streets, alleys, and rooftops of Tokyo.

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Locating Tanuki In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Fortunately, the player has many tools at their disposal in order to locate the furry friends. There is a fatal flaw in the Tanuki disguise: they cannot hide their tail, so it will be sticking out from whatever object it is that they are mimicking. This makes them much easier for the player to discover, and in combination with the player's Spectral Vision, they can be sussed out fairly easily, since their tail is included in the highlighted outline.

Another way of locating Tanuki is by reading the thoughts of the wandering cats and dogs that litter the Tokyo streets. They can provide clues and hints as to the whereabouts of the fluffy cousins if they are in a nearby location. Additionally, the player may come across Offering Boxes at certain shrines, which will allow them to donate an amount and make a certain request, one of these being the location of Tanuki if applicable. These Offering Boxes will only reveal the location of collectibles within their respective shrine borders, so keep this in mind.

Tanuki Location in Tatsui Shrine

To locate the Tanuki in the Tatsui Shrine, the player will first need to cleanse it. This shrine has a bit of a mini-boss, so the player should be ready for a fight. Once the player has defeated the Visitors in this shrine and cleansed it, they are free to locate the Tanuki, who is not very far away at all. If the player goes west from the shrine map marker they should come to an overpass. Go under the overpass near the center of the eastern shrine border, where with a bit of investigation, they should find a totally inconspicuous red Daruma with a tail.

If the player interacts with the Daruma, it will reveal itself as the hidden Tanuki. This Tanuki, like all others in the game, will provide a bit of dialogue and then reward the player for their effort with 100 XP and an emote called "Sit 1."

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PS5 and PC.

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