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God of War Fan Makes Kratos in WWE 2K22

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  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 14:09 PM

A WWE 2K22 fan creates Kratos in the game's extensive character creator, making a character nearly identical to the god-killer.

p>After breaking the tradition of annual releases, WWE 2K22 has many players very excited. Sporting better sales numbers and ratings than the last two titles in the franchise as well as simpler controls and amazing visuals, WWE 2K22 is looking to be one of the best wrestling games released in recent memory.

One major advantage the game has over its predecessors is the massive WWE 2K22 roster; sporting 168 characters when fully unlocked, the sheer diversity of stars to choose from automatically gives the title a ton of replayability. Not only that, but with such a large roster, fans will be able to find a favorite wrestler with ease.

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However, even though the roster is already massive, the game gives players the ability to create their own custom wrestlers. Already, this has led to the creation of wacky characters like Arthur Morgan in WWE 2K22 among others. Recently, a player known for their character creation skills put them to the test once again, and the result was none other than the god killer Kratos from God of War.

Reddit user HectorBarbossaTheGod was the user responsible for the character, which was notably Kratos from the most recent game in the franchise. This is immediately identifiable due to the huge beard the character is sporting. Along with his beard, he is sporting red tattoos reminiscent of those covering his body in the games as well as armor and clothes fairly similar to those that he wears. As opposed to the wackier custom wrestlers, such as Joe Biden and Eminem in WWE 2K22, this custom Kratos looks incredible.

Reddit users were absolutely blown away by HectorBarbossaTheGod's creation, applauding them as well as cracking some jokes. One user couldn't believe how perfect the recreation was, congratulating HectorBarbossaTheGod for their efforts. Another user joked that "boi" better be Kratos' manager, referencing Atreus as well as Kratos' moniker for him. Yet another user couldn't believe that HectorBarbossaTheGod's character wasn't an asset pulled straight from God of War, saying the detail on the character is flawless.

Many users would most likely agree that this version of Kratos belongs in the 10 best WWE 2K22 video game characters, as HectorBarbossaTheGod's work on the character is unbelievably good. This character is also just the latest in a line of work by the Reddit user, and with other users creating new characters daily, only time will tell what the community will add to the game next.

WWE 2K22 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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