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Green Hell VR Releases April 7 on Oculus Quest 2

Green Hell VR Releases April 7 on Oculus Quest 2 Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:05 PM

Incuvo Games' Green Hell VR announces a release date of April 7 on Oculus Quest 2 and reveals it will release on Steam VR in May.

p>Green Hell is a unique survival game, originally developed by Creepy Jar, where players must survive in the Amazon Rainforest. They take on the role of Doctor Jake Higgings, who has spent three years studying the Amazon as an anthropologist, but now has to survive it all alone. Green Hell was well-received when it launched on PC and later consoles, and now Incuvo Games is bringing it to VR.

Late last year, Incuvo was acquired by People Can Fly—the developer of Outriders. Incuvo was known to be working on this VR version of Green Hell at the time, and is known for the porting of Blair Witch and Layers of Fear to VR. Incuvo is also currently developing a VR version of one of People Can Fly IPs, assisted by People Can Fly Chicago—which has experience in VR too.

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Green Hell VR is launching on Oculus Quest 2 on April 7, with pre-orders available on the Oculus Store now. A Steam VR version is planned for this May, and according to Incuvo CEO Andrzej Wychowaniec, this version was delayed, so the company can adjust and implement player feedback from a demo released earlier this year.

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Indeed, Green Hell’s very survival premise basically screams VR. Not only will players have to survive in the Amazon jungle, immersively and interactively, but the game presents itself as a unique adventure with over 60 gameplay mechanics. Green Hell VR presents day and night cycles and unique exploration, where players may find new places to build a shelter or obtain various resources that can be used for crafting.

Meanwhile, they’ll need to face dangerous predators like jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs while memorizing landmarks and distinguishing poisonous plants from life-saving ones. Green Hell VR players will need to boil water and interactively put together tents, with a ton of other things to do too. Overall, it puts survival at the fore—from an immersion that only VR games can offer. All of this will come to end with one of Green Hell VR’s multiple endings, as players unearth new revelations and discover the mystery behind it all.

VR fans would do well to check it out, but People Can Fly fans also have more on the horizon. Sometime this spring, People Can Fly is expected to show off more of its Outriders’ Wordslayer expansion, and beyond that, the developer has quite a few future games in the works like Project Dagger and Gemini. Incuvo’s Green Hell VR might be kicking off this year, but even it will have more for fans later, with its VR version of a People Can Fly IP expected to release in 2023.

Green Hell VR releases on Oculus Quest 2 on April 7. It will be available on Steam VR in May.

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