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Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons – Best Vindicator Build

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:40 PM

Leap into the fray with this guide for the Vindicator, the new Revenant Elite specialization from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons has been out for over a month now. In that time, players have begun to master the new Elite specializations added in End of Dragons. Each of these provide a unique twist on the existing profession, with a new core mechanic, set of skills, and a special weapon proficiency.

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The Revenant is the first and only profession Guild Wars 2 has added since the game’s release in 2012. This Mist-wielding Soldier profession channels the spirits of legendary heroes and villains, which grant them a specific set of skills. The Vindicator Elite specialization from End of Dragons adds even more twists to the already-unique profession. These fighters can equip greatswords and channel the power of the Legendary Alliance of the Luxon hero Archemorus and the Kurzick Saint Viktor, allowing them to swap between an aggressive and supportive role for ultimate flexibility.

Best Specialization Builds For The Vindicator

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There are two major differences between the Vindicator and other Revenant specializations. The first is the added versatility with the Legendary Alliance Stance’s ability to swap between Luxon and Kurzick with Alliance Tactics. Though this build focuses primarily on the offensive skills of Archemorus, the defensive support skills of Saint Viktor cannot be understated. Vindicators can still choose a separate, second Legend to invoke, meaning they effectively have three skill sets to switch between, versus the two of other Revenants.

The second difference is Tenacious Ruin; the first of the Vindicator’s minor traits. Instead of a dodge roll, Vindicators leap into the air and strike the ground in an AoE slam attack. This costs all of their Endurance, rather than half. To help them use this more often, Vindicators have the special Energy Meld skill, which restores half of their Endurance. This build focuses around stacking Boons and using Tenacious Ruin as much as possible.

The Vindicator’s other minor traits are Balance in Discord and Empire Divided. The former heals them and grants Regeneration when swapping between their three Legends, while the latter grants them Power or Healing Power depending on their current health.

For major traits, Vindicators should choose Amnesty of Shing Jea, which grants Might to the Vindicator and nearby allies when using Luxon abilities, Regeneration when using Kurzick abilities, or both when using Energy Meld or Alliance Tactics. Song of Arboreum makes Vigor restore more endurance and grants Vigor to the Vindicator and nearby allies after landing Tenacious Ruin. Lastly, Forerunner of Death transforms Tenacious Ruin into Death Drop, causing it to deal more damage, inflict Vulnerability, and give a damage buff after using it, at the cost of reducing its area of effect.

The Invocation specialization has excellent synergy for Vindicators. Its minor traits grant Fury when invoking a Legend or disabling a foe and make Fury increase all damage.

For major traits, Glaring Resolve allows the Revenant to heal and gain Stability when breaking stuns. Incensed Repose further improves Fury by having it grant Might stacks, and Roiling Mists increases its critical hit chance from 20% to 40%.

Devastation is the best specialization to round out this aggressive Vindicator build. Its minor traits allow the first hit in combat, or the first after using an Elite skill, to inflict Vulnerability stacks. They also grant a flat damage increase, further increased when dual-wielding or striking Vulnerable targets.

Unsuspecting Strikes is a flat damage increase against lightly-damaged enemies, and Notoriety gives more Might when using any non-weapon skills, and makes Might give more Power at the cost of Condition Damage. Lastly, Brutality gives Quickness when swapping weapons, and allows attacks to remove Stability.

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Best Equipment And Stats For The Vindicator

The Vindicator-specific greatsword is too rewarding not to use as a primary weapon. With high-damage and close-range AoE attacks, the weapon ensures those who survive Death Drop are further devastated with Vulnerability stacks and heavy swings.

For secondary weapons, dual swords are a perfect compliment. Quick and dangerous, these skills offer high damage and mobility, more Vulnerability stacks, and additional sources of Might and Fury.

For the Vindicator, Power is their most important stat, followed by Concentration to maximize the duration of their Boons. A healthy amount of Precision and Ferocity allow these Revenants to score frequent heavy critical hits, though their near-constant Fury Boon means they can focus on other stats. For this reason, Diviner gear is perfect for Vindicators.

Both weapon sets carry the same Sigils to ensure maximum Endurance recovery. A Superior Sigil of Energy ensures the Vindicator replenishes 50% of their Endurance on a weapon swap. Meanwhile, the Superior Sigil of Stamina refills the Endurance bar completely when killing an enemy, allowing for consecutive Death Drops.

For the Vindicator’s heavy armor Rune set, the Superior Rune of Fireworks is perfect for this playstyle. With a generous helping of Power and a little Boon Duration, the Vindicator’s Boons will be close to the 100% extra Duration cap. If that wasn’t enough, the Rune increases movement speed by 25% and grants Might, Fury, and Vigor every 20 seconds.

Best Legends For The Vindicator

Unsurprisingly, Vindicators should use the Legendary Alliance Stance as their primary Legend. The Luxon abilities are highly-aggressive, powerful, and grant many Boons to the Vindicator. Keep in mind that all of these abilities grant 3 stacks of Might due to Amnesty of Shing Jea and Notoriety.

The Luxon Healing skill, Selfish Spirit, pulses light damage in an area multiple times, granting Might, inflicting Vulnerability, and healing for each target hit. Meanwhile, the Reaver’s Rage Utility Skill strikes nearby enemies and Dazes them while also breaking Stuns and granting Stability, preventing future control effects.

For even more mobility and range, Nomad’s Advance causes the Vindicator to lunge forward and damage foes, granting Might for each target struck. Scavenger’s Burst is a ranged AoE attack that deals heavy damage and Burning, while granting Fury, Quickness, and Might. Lastly, the Spear of Archemorus Elite skill is an extremely long range, high-damage attack.

The Kurzick abilities are all supportive in nature; none of them deal damage.

However, Battle Dance, Awakening, and Urn of Saint Viktor can grant Boons unavailable in other stances, like Resistance and Protection, and Tree Song can cleanse conditions from the Vindicator and their allies. Additionally, all of these skills grant Regeneration. While not often used in this build, these skills can be clutch in emergencies, or when there is downtime during Strike Missions and other endgame content in Guild Wars 2.

For the Vindicator’s second Legend, the Legendary Assassin Stance is the perfect pick with its high aggression and mobility.

The Enchanted Daggers Healing skill summons 6 daggers that strike with the Vindicator, dealing damage and healing on each hit. Impossible Odds increases movement speed and causes attacks to strike twice, but is an Upkeep skill which costs Energy the longer it is active, instead of a flat amount like most Revenant skills. Managing Energy is one of the more difficult parts of the Revenant in Guild Wars 2.

The Legendary Assassin Stance also has several mobility skills. Phase Traversal teleports the Revenant to their target, granting Quickness and causing their next two attacks to be unblockable. Riposting Shadows dodges backwards, breaking Stun and movement-impairing Conditions while gaining Fury and Endurance.

Lastly, the Legendary Assassin Stance’s Elite skill, Jade Winds, is an AoE damaging Stun effect that devastates a large area–especially when combined with Death Drop.

The Vindicator is a deadly fighter who leaps into and around the battlefield, putting pressure on foes and adapting to situations. These vanguards buff themselves with many Boons to make them literally unstoppable as they commit to the fight. Though they may lack the raw survivability of some other Soldier professions in Guild Wars 2, the Vindicator more than makes up for it with versatility, mobility, and heavy hits.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is available now on PC.

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