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Hallmark Reveals New Gaming Ornaments for 2021

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  • Posted on 23rd Sep, 2022 02:39 AM

Hallmark reveals its new gaming ornaments for the 2021 season, showing off ornaments from both popular games and surprises.

p>Hallmark has revealed its newest lineup of ornaments for the holiday 2021 season. It may be early, but this is the time of year in which the retail and greeting card company often releases its offerings. On the video game side, there are already some big games to look forward to this holiday; now gamers can look out for some decorative ornaments, as well.

This time last year Hallmark revealed video game ornaments for 2020 themed around Mario, Pokemon, Minecraft, and more. This year Hallmark has doubled down, it seems, as there are even more video game-based ornaments to look forward to and purchase in the near future.

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Hallmark's 2021 gaming ornaments are varied but very much aligned with some of the most popular franchises in gaming. The Super Mario series is receiving two different ornaments, including a customizable one that individuals can put a name on. It makes sense that the plumpy plumber would get special treatment, as Hallmark has teamed up with Mario for Valentine's Day cards in the past, as well.

Sonic also double dips with two new ornaments for 2021, as does The Legend of Zelda. The Zelda decorations happen to be miniature and more affordable, and they are 8-bit style ornaments that are reminiscent of the 30th-anniversary special edition Amiibo that also double as armor in Breath of the Wild. Of the more popular game categories, Minecraft also receives an Enderman ornament, and Charizard gets the treatment as well. Crackshot from Fortnite is also an ornament that can be purchased, an excellent holiday choice based on its Christmas theme.

There are a few ornaments that are based on properties that are slightly less well-known to perhaps the Hallmark crowd, but they could sell very well based on a niche market. A Sub-Zero ornament is available from Mortal Kombat, a very popular fighting game that will receive a film adaptation later this year. Meanwhile, Mickey from Kingdom Hearts is also a choice.

Lastly, while all the other choices are characters directly from games, a mini Super Nintendo console with a Super Mario World cartridge ornament is also available from Hallmark. This knickknack actually appears to be perhaps the most detailed of them all, as there are buttons, controllers, the aforementioned cartridge, and more all exactly how players will remember it from the early 1990s. It would likely be exciting to open this up for Christmas, just as it would have been to open up the console itself some thirty years ago.

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