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Harry Potter: 7 Underappreciated Muggles

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:00 PM

Though muggles, these Harry Potter characters deserve far more appreciation and recognition for their important roles.

p>There aren't many muggles worth shouting about in the world of Harry Potter. On a general level, there aren't that many featured in the story, as it primarily takes place in the wizarding world, but even on a more specific level, many of the ones that do feature are unimportant.

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Despite living in the muggle world for eleven years, Harry Potter himself wasn't able to make any friends before coming to Hogwarts, and muggles who don't hinder the characters are few and far between. That said, the Fantastic Beasts branch of the franchise treats them better, and occasionally a muggle comes along in the story who is worthy of a bit more credit than the story gives them.

7 Frank Bryce

This may not be a name some fans recognize, as it is not mentioned in the films. Frank Bryce is the caretaker for the old Riddle House, which features at the start of Goblet of Fire. He doesn't do much of note, but it's fair to say that he didn't deserve to be murdered by Voldemort in the way he was.

Naturally, Voldemort doesn't care, but he was just doing his job and making sure the house was safe. When he saw activity in the house, he assumed it to be kids messing around or wrecking the place, and he tried to stop them like a good caretaker should.

6 Hermione's Parents

As a muggle-born, Hermione's parents aren't very involved in the wizarding world. Weirdly, though, they don't seem to make much effort to get involved either. They're only seen in a magical location once in the entire series, when they run into Hermione in Diagon Alley, in Chamber of Secrets.

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Hermione even goes as far as making sure there's no chance of them getting involved come Deathly Hallows, temporarily wiping their memories of her. All things considered, though, they're likely very nice people, they clearly raised Hermione well, after all. On top of that, they don't seem to mind Hermione spending half her summers and Christmases at the Weasley's house.

5 Mrs. Cole

A character so unappreciated, she doesn't even get a first name. Mrs. Cole was the matron at the orphanage where Tom Riddle was raised. His mother sought refuge there on New Year's Eve, gave birth to the boy who would eventually become Voldemort, and then died shortly after.

That is no doubt a traumatic thing to witness, but then she had to deal with Tom Riddle virtually torturing the other students for his entire time there. Although it's not explicitly stated, the reader gets the impression that she treats the children well. She comes across as more concerned for Tom than annoyed with him and seems to hope Dumbledore will genuinely help him.

4 The Prime Minister

Running the muggle world is difficult enough, but the muggle Prime Minister of the UK must also occasionally have meetings with the Minister for Magic if there are pressing issues. The Prime Minister has a painting above the fireplace in his office, which warns of the Minister for Magic's impending arrival.

This is only seen at the very beginning of Half-Blood Prince, where Cornelius Fudge informs him of Voldemort's return, and the danger he presents to both the magical and muggle worlds. Here, the Prime Minister gives Fudge a well-deserved scolding for failing to act sooner, although doesn't seem as strong once the new Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour arrives.

3 Dudley Dursley

To call Dudley "underappreciated" may seem like an odd choice given that, for most of the series, he is a terrible person. However, there are some redeeming qualities to Dudley, that there aren't with his parents.

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It would be easy to blame his parents for raising him to be such a nasty child, but as he grows older, some of that responsibility should fall on him, and he eventually starts to take it. He doesn't completely turn around or redeem himself, but at the very least he doesn't hate Harry by the end and begins to think for himself. The two remain in contact throughout their lives, and it is a popular fan theory that Dudley's child turns out to be magical.

2 Tom Riddle Senior

The father to the darkest wizard of all time doesn't sound like he'd be the nicest of people, and he was a jerk, but he's not directly responsible for Voldemort turning out as he did. He is described as being rather rude and unpleasant to the people around him, growing up very rich.

His life was torn apart, however, when Merope Gaunt used a love potion on him, so they could marry. He would remain in this state for a long time until Merope became pregnant. Then, Merope stopped giving him the love potion, as she believed his love had become genuine, or he would at least stay for the child. Unfortunately, he did not and left Merope almost immediately. Whether this was the right thing to do in the situation is up for debate, but it did directly lead to Voldemort growing up in an orphanage and never having a chance to change.

1 Mrs. Figg

By far the best-treated muggle in the main Harry Potter series, Mrs. Figg is the next-door neighbor to the Dursleys and watched over Harry as he was growing up. She is a squib, someone who was born to magical parents but has no magic, and thus lived a muggle life, but knew the Dumbledore family.

She's not perfect, as Harry noted how he hated visiting her when he was growing up. She later claimed this was because the Dursleys wouldn't allow him to visit if they thought he liked it there. Regardless, she did her job of watching over Harry well, especially when Mundungus Fletcher abandoned his duties.

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