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Hearthstone Begins the Year of the Hydra

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:15 PM

Hearthstone announces the Year of the Hydra with a roadmap of changes coming to Classic, Battlegrounds, and its other formats over the next year.

p>Hearthstone fans are getting ready to dive into Voyage to the Sunken City, its upcoming expansion. Along with the new card set, Hearthstone announced the Year of the Hydra–the next yearly expansion cycle–and shared some updates coming to the game with it.

The Year of the Hydra begins in earnest on April 12th alongside the launch of the Voyage to the Sunken City card set. However, several of the changes coming to Hearthstone have already gone live, including new Arena and Battlegrounds heroes, as well as changes to Mercenary tasks.

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With the coming of a new Hearthstone year, the Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire will rotate out of Standard in favor of Voyage to the Sunken City and the two expansions that follow. In addition, the Core set of Hearthstone is changing, with a net gain of 15 more cards in this Core than the last one. Hearthstone shared a roadmap of the changes coming over the next year, which focus on refining existing systems and adding quality-of-life improvements to its various game modes.

The Year of the Hydra is one of many exciting updates from Hearthstone. Along with the changes to the Core set, Hearthstone has revealed the Rewards Track for Voyage to the Sunken City, as well as the full list of cards coming in the set. With the Hearthstone Theorycrafting event for Voyage to the Sunken City taking place on the 7th ahead of the set’s release, players will get their first look at how the new cards interact with the rest of the game.

Players are already getting pumped for the Year of the Hydra. While many are sad to see the old sets cycled out of Standard, they will still be available in Wild–and many of the cards will be reverted to their original strength after being nerfed for Standard. Additionally, it seems Hearthstone is improving the Mercenaries mode, which has received mixed reviews since its launch last year.

That said, plenty of Hearthstone players are worried about the changes coming to the game. Some cards being added to the Hearthstone Core set, such as Reno Jackson and Brann Bronzebeard, have been involved in some powerful combos in the past, and many of the cards being un-nerfed in Wild have players terrified to try and compete in the free-for-all format. Nevertheless, the Year of the Hydra has nearly arrived, so players will have to discover ways to counter those devastating strategies as they appear.

Hearthstone is available now for mobile and PC. Voyage to the Sunken City releases on April 12.

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