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Hearthstone Players Are Unhappy With New $25 Diamond Card

Hearthstone Players Are Unhappy With New $25 Diamond Card Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:00 AM

A new Diamond card in Hearthstone has some players wondering whether its worth the money to have the cosmetic in their deck.

p>A new year in Hearthstone has come around. As is the case with any other new year in the popular card game, there will be some big changes coming to Hearthstone's meta. Older expansions will be phased out of standard mode, making way for new cards in people's decks. Developer Blizzard has announced a roadmap of changes to Classic, Battlegrounds, and other modes coming in Hearthstone's Year of the Hydra.

There's a new expansion coming to Hearthstone as well, entitled Voyage to the Sunken City. Taking place in the underwater ruins of Zin-Ashari, Voyage to the Sunken City marks Hearthstone's 20th expansion, bringing new cards and rewards for players to earn in their Rewards Track or Tavern Pass. As with every other Hearthstone expansion, new cards will be brought into the fold with the release of Voyage to the Sunken City, and though many fans are excited to see additions to their decks, a few have found the pricing of some new cards to be problematic.

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This is especially the case for Hearthstone's Diamond Cards. Unlike regular cards and the golden animated cards players can get, drops of Diamond cards aren't based on luck, instead requiring a player to spend either vast amounts of in-game gold or real money to get them. Essentially, these cards are cosmetics that many players have deemed overpriced. This is especially the case for the new Drek'thar card that will either cost players 3,000 gold pieces or $24.99.

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Many Hearthstone players found the pricing of Drek'thar even more ridiculous when reading the card's text, which says that "if this card costs more than every minion in your deck, summon 2 of them." Considering the card costs $25, most players were quick to point out that it would be much more expensive than any other card in their deck. One player on Twitter said that they'd "just buy 30 packs" as it would be the same price in gold as buying a Diamond Drek'thar.

On the other hand, some players were quick to try and shut down the complaints about pricing. These Hearthstone fans argued that the card is only a cosmetic item and that it can be bought for free if a player hoards enough gold. "I like that they made gold sink for people who have a lot of gold and nothing to do with it," said a player on Twitter, showing that the $25 price point isn't the only way players can pick up a Diamond Drek'thar. The issue still stands though that many will not pay the price of 30 packs for one card, leading the collectible cosmetic to be mostly useless to anyone except those who are willing to part with a hefty sum of gold or $25.

Hearthstone is available now for Mobile and PC.

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