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Hilarious Elden Ring Clip Shows Player Falling to Death While Rune Farming

Hilarious Elden Ring Clip Shows Player Falling to Death While Rune Farming Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:45 PM

While making their way to a cliff, an Elden Ring player captures a white spirit performing a tragic misinput that sends them to their untimely death.

p>Fast approaching its 1-month anniversary, Elden Ring already has a lot to be proud about. Between its massive open world that rewards exploration and its challenging boss fights indicative of a FromSoftware title, Elden Ring is the perfect game for open-world gamers and Souls veterans alike.

However, as with many open-world titles, the game has its fair share of bugs and glitches. These range anywhere from wacky enemy movements to players becoming stuck in midair before perishing randomly. Until recently, some players thought that Mohgwyn Palace was a bugged area due to its effective Elden Ring rune farming area.

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This opinion changed, however, when the latest Elden Ring patch released, because the area remained in its current form. This suggested to players that either FromSoftware had not yet seen the problem on its radar, or that it didn't care about the area's rune farming function. Whatever the case, numerous players congregate to the area to quickly level, which led to one player capturing a hilarious and relatable moment.

The player in question was Reddit user theprofoundnoun, who clipped a moment that occurred shortly after they spawned into the area. As they headed to the ledge overlooking the rune farm, a white spirit appeared in front of them. The white spirit seemed to be standing on the ledge to look across the area. As theprofoundnoun watched, the spirit drew a crossbow then performed a kick that sent them falling to their death. While perhaps not as embarrassing as enemies high-fiving over an Elden Ring player's corpse, the seemingly misinput kick was a hilarious moment teaching watchers to be cautious when near high places.

While Reddit users certainly cracked jokes about the scenario, they also offered their sympathy and recounted their own embarrassing experiences in high places. One user joked that the white spirit turned into a red one in a matter of seconds, referencing the bloodstains left behind by player deaths. Another user lamented for the player, recounting the times they had accidentally pressed the dodge key and backstepped to their death. A similar Reddit user commented that it was only a matter of time before a clip surfaced of them doing something stupid as well.

Much like the discovery of the Elden Ring 50-hit hidden wall, much of the game is figured out through constant trial and error. Much to the dismay of the white spirit, the trial and error displayed by their untimely fall was that of remembering to double-check one's inputs when close to a cliff.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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