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How Halo Infinite Season 2 Can Improve Over Heroes Of Reach

How Halo Infinite Season 2 Can Improve Over Heroes Of Reach Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:55 PM

The heavily anticipated second Season of Halo Infinite is releasing soon, and it needs to improve upon Heroes of Reach in several ways.

p>Microsoft confirmed the release of the first Halo Infinite Season, Heroes of Reach, in the E3 showcase held in 2021. On November 5 2021, the 20th Anniversary of Halo, 343 Industries dropped the multiplayer beta version of Heroes of Reach. Season 1 revolves around the Spartans and the 2010 Halo: Reach characters.

Halo Infinite is free to play and requires no pre-orders or subscriptions. Its first season will last until May 2022, so before introducing Halo Infinite Season 2, 343 Industries is giving players ample time to go through all the Season 1 features and unlock all battle pass tiers to get over 100 rewards. However, many are more than ready to move on.

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Halo Infinite Season 2 is set to release on May 3, 2022. This season is named Lone Wolves and, fittingly, is based on lone wolf Spartans like Laurette Agryna, Sigrid Eklund, and Hie Dinh. The launch of Halo Infinite Season 2 will bring a bunch of new content and add features that should lead to a better and more enjoyable experience.

Why Halo Infinite Season 2 Needs To Improve Over Season 1

It is no secret that Halo Infinite Heroes of Reach is not doing well and has lost a large chunk of players. The biggest issues with the game currently are the number of performance problems that players are facing and the lack of fresh, quality content. 343 still has a long way to go to increase player retention and attract new fans to the game.

With Season 2's exact release date still unknown to the world, fans are left to speculate about what it might contain and discuss the things it should do to improve upon its predecessor. Most would agree that one of the first thing that 343 Industries can improve is Halo Infinite's progression system, as many have taken issue with Season 1's approach to leveling up.

New And Improved Content For

If players finish the battle pass, they are basically left with nothing to do, so the game needs events or themes that are spread out over seasons to keep things exciting. Not only should players have something to look forward to upon completing the Halo Infinite battle pass, but 343 should consider reworking the battle pass itself. The battle pass of Heroes of Reach is simply not that exciting, being another reason players have lost interest in the game. For a start, Halo Infinite Season 2 can provide its players with more challenges and rewards once they finish their battle pass, similar to Fortnite's bonus unlocks.

As mentioned above, Heroes of Reach lacks content, so Halo Infinite Season 2 should strive to include numerous updates that significantly expand upon the game's content lineup. New maps are a great route to take, with 343 Industries covering a lot of ground by adding a few arena maps and a 4V4 map. The new season can also incorporate game modes and maps from the previous Halo entries, add a BTB arena map, or make content that is aimed at fans of the king of the hill and assault game modes. Brand-new game modes or upgrades that are relevant to the current storyline would also make sense.

Another Season 2 improvement could come in the form of playlist UI changes. 343 has repeatedly admitted that its current UI is hampering the addition of new playlists, so including features that allow playlists to be rotated more easily would undoubtedly be beneficial. An increased number of playlists and the ability to swap between them quickly would interest players, with 343 constantly providing something to look forward to through playlist changes. Halo Infinite's usual playlists can become monotonous for players, so more variety would be a big step forward. Clearly, there are many changes that could be made to help Halo Infinite Season 2 improve over the struggling Heroes of Reach.

Halo: Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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