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How to Unlock the Secret Mission in Marvel's Avengers Beta

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 07:50 AM

During the Marvel's Avengers beta, players discover the existence of a secret mission on the War Table though unlocking it can be a bit random.

p>It's been a rollercoaster couple of weeks for Marvel's Avengers. Crystal Dynamics held two War Table streams, which have been able to show off more gameplay and core features of the experience. These events have largely been received well from the community, earning the developer a bit of goodwill after all of the skepticism that followed the game's initial reveal back during E3 2019.

However, for some, much of that positivity has seemingly evaporated overnight due to a number of exclusive deals announced between Sony's PlayStation brand and the game, locking a major character like Spider-Man out from Xbox and PC players entirely. The game is looking to reclaim some of the good graces from players this weekend as the first of four beta tests has begun, giving PS4 players ample content to play through from story missions to War Zones, and much more.

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While the Marvel's Avengers beta is already chock full of content, Crystal Dynamics has also added a secret mission that some players may miss. Here's how to unlock the secret Snowy Tundra Drop Zone.

The Snowy Tundra

For many players, the Missing Links mission which features Hulk and Ms Marvel storming a secret facility in Russia is a highlight of the available beta content. Surprisingly, once the story mission is complete, players can no longer access it from the War Table menu.

Thankfully, this mission is repackaged into a Drop Zone mission, the game's version of a shorter War Zone mission. The content has plenty of high-level gear and side objectives to complete and this time, players are not locked into playing as Hulk or Ms Marvel.

How To Unlock It

The only way to make the Snowy Tundra available is to find coordinates during the Stark Realities mission. However, it's not as simple as just finishing it as there's a bit of RNG involved.

Stark Realities features a bunch of optional objectives during the mission itself. Each one has a small chance of giving players those mysterious coordinates for the Snowy Tundra mission. As such, players will want to complete all objectives and even may need to replay the mission a few times before it fully unlocks. Players can select Up on the D-Pad to see the current objectives during the mission.

This appears to be a mechanic of the final game as Crystal Dynamics did confirm that during the beta weekends, the studio has increased the rate at which these coordinates can drop for players. This likely means that the retail version will have much lower odds.

Things to Know

What's a bit strange is that once the mission is unlocked, it's not permanent. Once players finish it for the first time after unlocking it, the mission again disappears from the War Table. In order to play through it again, players need to return to Stark Realities and begin the process detailed above over again. It's currently unknown if this is a beta only stipulation or if this is how the game will treat these secret missions going forward.

While some players may not be too thrilled about having to unlock these missions over and over, at the very least, friends can team up together as long as one person has it unlocked. Simply mark it on the War Table and friends can join up, even if they don't have it unlocked yet.

Marvel's Avengers releases September 4 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X to follow.

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