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Intel Seemingly Leaks Details About Possible High-End Arc GPU

Intel Seemingly Leaks Details About Possible High-End Arc GPU Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:00 PM

Intel has launched its laptop variant of the Arc GPU, and a recent promotional video seems to accidentally show stats for a top of the line card.

p>The graphics card market is more competitive now than ever before, especially now that Intel has entered the ring. With the tech giant launching its Arc GPU in laptop form, the game is on for the company to see whether or not it can give the likes of Nvidia and AMD a run for their money. With the RTX 3090 Ti proving disappointing, largely due to the small increase in power not being worth it being 30% more expensive, there may be an opportunity for "team blue" to swoop in and fill in the gap of people wanting good products at affordable prices.

With Intel now finally showing off its Arc range of discrete graphics cards, there's going to be a lot of talk about how it will compare to its rivals. However, in a bid to promote its new hardware, it seems as though a small detail has been leaked which could reveal information about one of the company's up-and-coming top of the line GPUs.

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As spotted by 3DCenter, in a video on the Intel website which demonstrates its Arc Control Software, a tool being released which supports the graphics cards of the same name, there is a moment in which a GPU with a clock speed of 2,250 MHz can be seen. It only occurs for a very short period of time, but at the 29-second mark, it appears as though the software is monitoring the performance of a higher end card. It also shows that this mysterious GPU is running at 172W. Combined, it suggests that this is not the same as the laptop variant that's just been launched. A previous segment in the video shows details about a card running at 42W of power with a clock speed of 850 MHz, which may well be in relation to Intel's laptop GPU.

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It should be made clear that the sight of what appears to be a much more powerful graphics card is only down to a very tiny window and everything else is just speculation. With Intel due to launch more Arc GPUs this summer, possibly as late as June, that leaked information from the Control Software could well be referring to one of those, but there's no way to tell from such a brief shot.

With Nvidia looking to launch its 40-series this September, and AMD recently announcing the RDNA 3 architecture, the graphics card industry is very soon looking to move into the next era. With the market getting more competitive, it can only be hoped that Intel has what it takes to take on the big leagues, especially now that the outlook is starting to look better after more than a year of shortages and price hikes.

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Source: 3DCenter (translation available)

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