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James Bond's Grave From No Time To Die Is Now Open For Visits

James Bond's Grave From No Time To Die Is Now Open For Visits Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:45 PM

The filming location for one of No Time to Die's most impactful scenes is now open for tourists to pay their respects to James Bond.

p>James Bond is dead, and not in the fake his own death kind of way but quite permanently according to No Time to Die's closing act. Nevertheless, the grave of the world’s most famous fictional spy is now a real tourist attraction in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The inauguration of this commemorative site is hardly surprising given James Bond remains a highly profitable franchise after No Time to Die netted $774M at the box office worldwide, thus making it a very attractive asset in Amazon's MGM takeover. Of course, that’s just one way in which James Bond is going through a transition, since Daniel Craig's final film also means producers have to choose a new actor to fill his role at MI6.

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Maybe that is why there is no better time to open up a guided tour to the very site where Craig's Bond meets his fate in No Time to Die. Located in Kalsoy Island, a small 30.9km² piece of land belonging to the Faroe Islands archipelago, fans can see where the final moments of the film were filmed. The tour goes for 2085 Danish krone, roughly $307, and includes a ferry ride from Klaksvík to the symbolic location where Bond's tombstone is located.

Funnily enough, the makers of this attraction decided to age Craig's 007 a few years, as the gravestone reads “In Memory of JAMES BOND 1962-2021.” This turns the spy into a remarkably fit sexagenarian, but also coincides with the release year for the first Bond movie, Dr. No. The inscription also features a quote from American writer Jack London, perhaps a bit of an odd choice for such a notable Englishman, instead of a classic James Bond quote.

The decision to kill Bond in No Time to Die was seen as a controversial creative choice for some fans, however, the fact that it came at the end of a true cycle for such a distinctive set of films as Craig's James Bond era definitely makes it more convincing. After all, Bond movies have undergone several transformations in the franchise’s 60-year history, with Sean Connery's original take being quite different from the campy Roger Moore era, the more action-oriented films starring Pierce Brosnan, and the more serious tone that was pursued during Craig's tenure.

As if that wasn’t enough, a new James Bond game is also currently in development, something that combined with the ever-present rumors of a Goldeneye 007 remaster might help fans wait until the new face assuming the role is revealed. At least it’s cheaper than a trip to the Faroe Islands.

No Time to Die is now available digitally and on Blu-ray.

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Source: Guide to Faroe Islands

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