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Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To Join Netflix's Live-Action One Piece Show

Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To Join Netflix's Live-Action One Piece Show Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:50 PM

Jamie Lee Curtis reveals that she wants to join Netflix's live-action adaptation series, One Piece, with a certain character in mind.

p>Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has recently expressed her desire to join Netflix's live-action One Piece adaptation. One Piece is based on the ongoing beloved manga series of the same name, created by Eiichiro Oda. The fantasy-adventure centers around the titular character of Monkey D. Luffy, AKA Captain of The Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy has the ability to stretch into insane, elastic proportions once he has eaten a slice of Devil fruit.

One Piece follows Luffy and his elaborate team as they take off on a quest to find the infamous, fabled treasure that will grant him the crown, so he can finally become the King of the Pirates. Iñaki Godoy has been cast as the main lead in the live-action One Piece show, portraying Luffy himself. Godoy stars alongside castmembers Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Taz Skylar as Sanji, Peter Gadiot as Shanks, and Ilia Isorelys Paulino as Alvida. News that One Piece was officially in development was first announced in 2017.

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This was the ripple effect of Weekly Shonen Jump partnering with Tomorrow Studios for an American live-action adaptation, with Oda as an executive producer and Netflix eventually gaining the rights to the series in early 2020. As the success and filming of One Piece seems to only be continuing and expanding, one specific Hollywood star has her eyes set on landing a role in the show. While walking down the red carpet at the Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis was asked by TikTok user Julian Green if she had a quick moment to discuss their shared love for anime. As their conversation wandered naturally toward One Piece, Curtis revealed that she is seriously interested in joining the One Piece adaptation. She stated, “I’m not going to get to play Nico Robin, I’m a little old now. There’s that old crone lady, not Nico Robin (Kureha). Maybe I can be Kureha, she wears those really low bell-bottoms."

"She’s looking a little nasty, but she has that long, stringy gray hair. My Ruby said that would be what I would play," Curtis concluded. Kureha as a One Piece character is described as a quirky, elderly doctor who operates on Drum Island. She is sometimes referred to or seen by others as being some sort of witch, due to her more aggressive style of treatment. She is also a natural recluse and quite mysterious to many around her.

Curtis could without a doubt kill this role, as she also shares some form of irrefutable magic within her whenever she is on-screen. Hopefully for One Piece fans, she somehow finds her way onto the live-action show sometime in the future.

One Piece is currently in production.

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