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Jason Momoa Shares New Details About His Fast And Furious 10 Villain

Jason Momoa Shares New Details About His Fast And Furious 10 Villain Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:10 PM

Jason Momoa teases details regarding his upcoming role as the mysterious villain in Fast and Furious 10, and who he's excited to work with.

p>Actor Jason Momoa has recently shared new details about his ominously vague Fast and Furious 10 villain. The highly-successful franchise seemed to somehow top its own record and witnessed a renewed sense of popularity with last year's release of Fast and Furious 9.

The ninth Fast and Furious film debuted in theaters around late June 2021, during the height of the first summer movie season to commence during a pandemic. Despite the many obstacles in their way, Fast and Furious 9 earned a whopping $721 million worldwide. The film’s success amidst the Coronavirus proved that people still had an aching desire to return to the theaters and see their favorite characters on the big screen once more. Although the beloved franchise has had a long run, all good things must come to an end at some point. The Fast and Furious saga will end with a two-part finale.

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Momoa was on the red carpet for Ambulance when he spoke to Entertainment Tonight regarding the dark nature of his character. He described his character for fans, while also clarifying that he does have scenes with franchise lead Vin Diesel along with one of Fast and Furious' most notorious villains, Charlize Theron. "He’s amazing. He’s ornery. He’s misunderstood," Momoa said of his character. "I get to shoot with some really cool people that I have never - I get to work with Charlize Theron first up, which I’m really excited about. She's amazing. Then I get to go to some cool places, obviously work with the whole cast - most of the cast, but yeah I’m excited working with Vin. I’m excited I’m working with Charlize."

Momoa joined the cast of Fast and Furious 10 this past January. He joins Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior as a newcomer to the franchise. Details regarding both of their characters have yet to be revealed, aside from the fact that Momoa will be playing the villain. Returning director Justin Lin is set to helm both parts of the famous finale. Part one of the finale will be the highly-anticipated Fast and Furious 10, with the eleventh and final movie following after.

Momoa is only the next in a long line of some very iconic antagonists to be featured throughout the Fast and Furious franchise - including Theron, John Cena, and Idris Elba. It will be exciting for fans to see what Momoa's villain has in store.

Fast and Furious 10 debuts in theaters on May 19, 2023.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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