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Kirby: 5 Worst Things King Dedede Has Done

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:50 PM

Although he may not be as antagonistic today, King Dedede's past actions show that he didn't always have Dream Land's best interests at heart.

p>King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land who made his debut in the Kirby series with Kirby's Dream Land. In the beginning, King Dedede would serve as the primary antagonist to Kirby until the games started including larger enemies such as Nightmare and Void Termina. Greediness has always been a staple of King Dedede's personality. However, he's become more of an anti-hero in the Kirby games and has allied himself with Kirby (and sometimes Meta Knight) many times.

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Despite this, King Dedede's still proven to be an obstacle in Kirby's way whether he's the direct root of the problem, or being manipulated by a more threatening enemy. His methods of saving Dream Land are also questionable. Whether in the games or spinoffs, King Dedede has a ways to go before he can be considered heroic.

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5 Stealing All The Food In Kirby's Dream Land

Long before Kirby started taking on eldritch abominations, he clashed with King Dedede. In Kirby's very first game, Kirby's Dream Land, King Dedede hired minions to steal all the food in Dream Land. Unlike later Kirby games, King Dedede serves as the final boss in Kirby's Dream Land.

Once he's defeated, all the stolen food bursts out of Dedede's Palace. In a special post-credits scene, King Dedede throws a tantrum over his loss before walking offscreen. Defeating King Dedede on Extra Game rewards players with a bonus scene of Kirby "scolding" Dedede for stealing the food. This is one of the few times in mainline Kirby canon that King Dedede wasn't possessed and stole out of complete selfishness.

4 Stealing Stars In Kirby's Dream Course

Kirby's Dream Course is a curious case where its plot is concerned. King Dedede is responsible for stealing Dream Land's stars and driving Dream Land's residents into a panic. The Japanese version has a cutscene where Kirby sees King Dedede stealing stars from the sky. The western version mentions in the instruction manual that stars are disappearing from the sky, but Dedede isn't caught stealing them.

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Once Kirby confronts King Dedede in his castle, Dedede sends out Robo Dedede to battle Kirby. All the stars are returned to Dream Land once Kirby defeats him. Like Kirby's Dream Land, King Dedede had no heroic reason for his theft. It's mentioned that Dedede stole the stars because he wanted their beauty all to himself.

3 Anime: "Killing" Kirby In D'Preciation Day

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, King Dedede's given fewer redeeming qualities and has a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Kirby. King Dedede purchases his monsters from Nightmare Enterprises which he uses to cause havoc in Cappy Town. In the pilot episode, King Dedede has a pet octopus that's been eating the livestock. When he discovers Kirby, he goes out of his way to try and get rid of him by chasing after him or smacking him around with his hammer. By the end of the episode, Kirby fights back against King Dedede's monster, which has grown 10x its original size. This starts a bitter, one-sided rivalry between Dedede and Kirby that isn't nearly as hostile as it is in the Kirby games.

Some of Dedede's antics include deforestation because he wanted to set up his own golf course. This caused Whispy Woods to grow aggressive to any outsiders. The most notable one in Right Back at Ya! might be episode 93: D'Preciation Day. King Dedede discovers that every resident in Cappy Town has an Apprecation Day - including Kirby. And soon wants a "Dedede Appreciation Day," or rather a "D'Preciation Day." This involves the residents of Cappy Town showering Dedede with gifts for his... good deeds. Naturally, no one shows up to give him gifts except for Kirby, who brings him a watermelon. However, King Dedede quickly finds out the watermelon has already been opened and eaten by Kirby himself.

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Angered, Dedede later sets up a trap for Kirby. He tricks Kirby into swallowing explosive watermelons, which greatly upsets Tiff and Tuff. Kirby miraculously isn't damaged from the explosives, but Tiff decides that they should get back at Dedede for taking it too far. Kirby is reported to be "dead," which shocks King Dedede and Escargoon. It's revealed that Cappy Town had Kirby fake his death to trick Dedede into believing his watermelon trap had gone too far. By the end of the episode, Dedede is relieved Kirby is alive and admits that Cappy Town was boring before Kirby came along.

Even though the episode closes on a heartwarming moment, King Dedede's prank was uncalled-for, and one of the worst things he's done in Right Back at Ya!. While King Dedede's antagonized Kirby throughout the anime, his actions could've killed another resident of Cappy Town if he wasn't careful. That said, some may argue that Tiff and Tuff faking Kirby's death as revenge for Dedede's prank was much worse.

2 Dedede Resort In Kirby: Mass Attack

King Dedede winds up building the Dedede Resort on Popopo Islands in Kirby: Mass Attack. In-game, this is the third zone players will need to get through. Although Dedede building a resort could be mostly harmless, Kirby is unable to get to Volcano Valley, the fourth island, because of King Dedede himself, making him a nuisance this time around.

However, it's implied that King Dedede was brainwashed by the Skull Gang, leaving it up to interpretation whether Dedede's actions were truly out of his own selfishness.

1 Kidnapping Elfilin In Kirby And The Forgotten Land

King Dedede serves as the boss of the third world in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He's been given a wardrobe change, but the most alarming thing is seeing King Dedede imprison his own Waddle Dees. Gamers may already know that King Dedede is being controlled, but they don't find out who's pulling the strings until the final realm. In Forgotten Land, King Dedede captures Kirby's new companion, Elfilin, and carries him off to Lab Discovera.

While Dedede's actions weren't his own, Elfilin turns out to be the missing part of Fecto Forgo. Together, they create Fecto Elfilis, a malevolent being capable of opening dimensional rifts. So, by capturing Elfilin, King Dedede unwittingly hands over the missing piece of Fector Elfilis, forcing Kirby to save the day once again from a world-destroying monster.

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