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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 10 Copy Abilities To Upgrade As Soon As Possible

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 10 Copy Abilities To Upgrade As Soon As Possible Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:40 PM

One of the coolest features about Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the ability to upgrade Kirby's copy abilities.

p>One of the coolest features about Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the ability to upgrade Kirby's copy abilities. To upgrade these abilities the player needs to find the blueprints hidden throughout the game. The player then takes these blueprints to Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop for the upgrade. There is a fee for this service.

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Not all copy abilities were created equal; several are noticeably better than the others. Some copy abilities start out fairly mediocre, but after an upgrade become one of the best abilities in the game. Then there are the abilities that have a fantastic core ability, like the Sword, and then get even better after an upgrade. The player should make sure to get the blueprints for the upgrades below as soon as they are able.

10 Sleep - Deep Sleep

The Sleep copy ability has its uses, but leaves Kirby in a weakened state - in two ways. This ability causes Kirby to fall asleep for a few seconds. Kirby regains health as he sleeps; however, this leaves him vulnerable to attack. Sleep also hinders Kirby due to this copy ability not having an attack form.

The Deep Sleep upgrade actually summons a bed for Kirby to climb into and sleep. After sleeping in the bed Kirby is not only healed, but his speed, attack, or health can receive a boost. This blueprint can be found in a secret room in the Burning, Churning Power Plant.

9 Bomb - Homing Bomb

The Bomb is a pretty good copy ability. It gives Kirby a distance weapon; however, the damage could be a little higher. The ability to aim the bomb-throw is a nice feature. If there are multiple enemies around Kirby there's a good chance he will be hit before throwing the bomb.

The Homing Bomb is just the upgrade the Bomb needed. The Homing Bomb upgrade's bombs are more powerful and can be thrown faster. These bombs also have the added benefit of sprouting wheels and seeking out a target. The blueprint for the Homing Bomb upgrade is given after the boss fight in An Unexpected Beast King.

8 Tornado - Storm Tornado

The Tornado ability allows Kirby to transform into a miniature tornado; this allows him to damage enemies while staying on the move. It would be nice of it did a little more damage, but at least it gives Kirby some protection. Overall, the Tornado is a solid copy ability.

The Storm Tornado upgrade takes the base Tornado ability to an entirely new level though. Kirby still turns into a tornado, but now he pulls enemies toward him. This upgraded form also does more than twice the damage of the base ability. This blueprint can be obtained after defeating Clawroline in Gathering of the Beast. The player needs to look for a secret room before the Coaster Mouth.

7 Hammer - Masked Hammer

The base Hammer is second only to the Sword when a melee copy ability is desired. It does a lot of damage, has a reasonably fast rate of attack, and has two charge powers. This is easily one of the best copy abilities is the game despite its short range.

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The Hammer has three upgrades; all of them are good, but the best is the Masked Hammer. With the Masked Hammer upgrade Kirby has twin hammers that he dual-wields. The two charge powers perform a whirlwind attack. The second level charge power adds fire to the attack. This can be gotten in Waddle Dee Town after the main storyline is completed.

6 Needle - Crystal Needle

The Needle is another excellent copy ability. The Needle gives Kirby the ability to sprout numerous sharp spines - like a sea urchin. Kirby can still move while using this attack, and it offers Kirby some protection against contact with enemies.

The Crystal Needle functions almost exactly like the base Needle ability. It has about the same rate of fire; however, the damage is much, much higher. This upgrade also gives the Needle a distance weapon. This blueprint is found in a chest in The Wastes Where Life Began after defeating Fleurina.

5 Ranger - Space Ranger

The Ranger is one of two new copy abilities introduced in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It immediately became a favorite among players. This copy ability gives Kirby a gun that has two levels of charge powers. The base attack is pretty weak, but the charge attacks do respectable damage.

The Space Ranger is possibly the best upgrade in the game. This upgrade switches out the blunderbuss-style gun for a laser gun. The level two charge attack creates a small black hole that pulls enemies into it and causes them significant damage. This can be picked-up at the end of Conquer the Inferno Road; the blueprint requires the Ranger's long range shot to get.

4 Fire - Volcano Fire

The base Fire copy ability is basically a flamethrower; so, it's pretty reliable in battle. In addition to the flamethrower attack, the Fire ability gives Kirby the power to turn into a fireball and rush forward during a jump. This ability can also be used to clear obstacles.

The Volcano upgrade is incredibly powerful. It can also be acquired early into the game. This ability replaces the flamethrower attack with an attack the sprays molten chunks of rocks at the target. To get this blueprint the player must defeat the first level's boss, Gorimondo. After this the player gets the upgrade by visiting Weedle Dee's Weapon Shop.

3 Ice - Blizzard Ice

The base Ice copy ability is very similar to the Fire ability - they even have the same rate of fire and do the same amount of damage. The difference being that Ice freezes enemies if they are caught in the blast for too long. This effect makes the Ice ability a little more useful.

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The Blizzard Ice upgrade sends large, sharp, shards of ice at the enemy instead of just a freezing blast. This causes twice the damage as the base Ice ability. This upgrade also allows Kirby to shoot ice spikes and create walls of ice. The Blizzard Ice can be gained after defeating Sillydillo in Collector in the Sleepless Valley.

2 Cutter - Buzz-Saw Cutter

The upgrade from the Cutter to the Buzz-Saw Cutter might be the biggest improvement in the game; apart from the next entry anyway. The Cutter gives Kirby the ability to throw spinning blades that return to Kirby. This can be charged to keep the spinning blade near the target for longer.

The Buzz-Saw Cutter blades do more damage and can be bounced off walls for an increase in range. Filling a small area with these large blades is almost unfair to the enemy. Almost. This upgrade is near a ledge in the Searching the Oasis level - look for a circular platform and a ring of poison.

1 Sword - Meta Knight Sword

The Sword is, for many players, the best copy ability in the Kirby franchise; not just in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This gives Kirby a fast, powerful attack. Yeah, the player needs to get Kirby close to the enemy to use the Sword, but the attack options the Sword provides more than makes up for this drawback.

The Meta Knight Sword, though, is almost as good and can be gotten early enough to not feel like an afterthought. This upgrade gives the Sword a ranged attack. This blueprint is won in the Colosseum after defeating Meta Knight. The player should get this upgrade as soon as possible.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was released on March 25th, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.

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