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Konami Talks Demand for New Castlevania Game

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 19:20 PM

Konami European brand manager Richard Jones reveals that Konami is internally discussing a new Castlevania game, which could possibly come to the Nintendo Switch.

p>By forcing out Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and investing its time into creating pachinko machines over actual video games, Konami has made it seem like it is transitioning away from the video game industry. Understandably, this has led some fans to worry that they won't see new entries in the company's popular franchises, like Castlevania, for instance. While a new Castlevania still has yet to be announced, Konami is at least aware of fan demand for the game, and may even bring the next one to the Nintendo Switch.

This is according to Konami's European brand manager Richard Jones, who said that Konami is having "internal discussions" about what games to bring to the Nintendo Switch. He then suggested that Castlevania would be a good fit for the platform, considering the franchise's popularity and its upcoming Netflix TV show.

"[...] Castlevania is getting is getting its own show on Netflix and because of that, we’re hearing a lot of desires from our fans for a new Castlevania series. So we do know there is a demand for a new game, but right now nothing is set in stone as the discussions are still on going."

Even though there is nothing set in stone in regards to a new Castlevania game at this time, the fact that Konami is even having discussions about it should give fans some hope. And if the upcoming Netflix TV series proves popular enough, it may be the proof Konami needs that pursuing a new game in the series is a worthwhile endeavor.

Instead of building a new Castlevania game from the ground-up, though, Konami may also consider porting its older Castlevania games to the Switch. After all, porting an existing game would cost far less development time and money than creating an entirely new adventure. It seems like the portable Castlevania games that were released for Game Boy Advance and DS would be especially good fits for Nintendo's latest console.

For now, Castlevania fans will just have to wait patiently for news on a new game. But if Konami is serious about wanting to win fans back, a new Castlevania game would go a long way in accomplishing that goal.

A new Castlevania is being discussed internally at Konami.

Source: Miketendo64

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