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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:50 PM

What should League of Legends: Wild Rift players looking to main Yasuo know about the mid-lane assassin?

p>In League of Legends: Wild Rift, Yasuo is an extremely versatile Champion with a high skill ceiling. Players looking to play a flashy samurai, with high mobility, damage, and outplay potential need to look no further.

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With precise input of skills combined with surroundings that give Yasuo something to dash onto, he can single-handedly turn the tides of a battle for his team, or get out of harm's way with ease. League of Legends: Wild Rift players will naturally struggle at first when trying to win matches with Yasuo, however, once there has been enough practice put into him, most will find it hard to want to play any other Champion.

Yasuo's Passive Ability

This ability creates a shield for Yasuo as he moves around. The shield nullifies the damage from any single attack that hits him, while also doubling his critical hit rate. Maximizing the efficiency in which this shield may look simplistic on the surface, but it is one of the things that separates a beginner Yasuo player from an expert. Taking trades in the lane while playing around with this shield is how players will be able to build a health advantage to prepare for the all-in for the solo kill.

Yasuo's Q Ability

This skill has two forms and will be the main way Yasuo players will dish out consistent damage towards their enemies, alongside auto attacks. This ability deals physical AOE (Area of Effect) damage in a linear path. When the ability hits an enemy, it gains a stack; once two stacks have been obtained, the ability now becomes a longer-ranged linear Physical Damage skill that knocks up all enemies that it hits.

Yasuo's W Ability

Yasuo's W skill puts up a wall of wind that negates all incoming ranged damage that is projectile-based. Although this Champion has low defenses, this skill combined with his Passive Ability grants Yasuo ways to protect himself and his allies against a lot of incoming damage. Ranged enemies will be forced to retreat or come close to Yasuo, which will put them in danger if they want to deal damage to him or anyone else behind the wall in a team fight. Using this skill at unsuspecting moments can render an enemy team helpless allowing Yasuo to dash in comfortably and take some lives.

Yasuo's E Ability

The E ability deals Physical Damage by dashing onto an enemy. It can also be used in combination with Yasuo's Q ability to make it deal damage in a circular AOE area, which highly increases the odds of the Q ability landing. If players have their Q stacked up, the E - Q combo will also have the knockup effect.

The E ability does not have a specific cooldown like most skills, it just can't be used on the same target more than once within a few seconds. This lets players have the freedom to dash from player to player, minion to minion, or even monster to monster, which makes Yasuo's mobility unmatched by most.

Yasuo's Ultimate Ability

For his Ultimate ability, Yasuo deals Physical AOE Damage to airborne targets and also knocks them up again. His Passive Ability will be automatically refilled, allowing him to completely nullify one source of incoming damage. Then he will gain additional Armor Penetration temporarily on his critical strikes, which makes him able to take down any kind of enemy with ease.

Yasuo's Special Combos & Tricks

Now that we've covered Yasuo's skills and how they work, let's get into special combos and tricks.

  1. The standard combo for Yasuo in the lane would be E + Q + R. The player will usually Q on a minion and then Q the minion again to fully stack the knockup effect for the Q.
  2. Then players will E to minions to close the gap between the player and the enemy. After that, Yasuo should E + Q + R onto the enemy then AA (Auto Attack) while weaving in Qs wherever they fit.
  3. However, to maximize Yasuo's damage, and make it less obvious the intentions players may have, the most efficient combo for players is to E + Q minions twice, then E + Q the enemy, AA, then R. This allows max damage at the quickest pace due to animation canceling the AA before the R while stacking your Q quickly before the enemy realizes what you're doing.

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  • A trick most Yasuo players don't know is after stacking up the Q to its knockup variant, players can E + Q but slightly delay the Q. This allows players to animation cancel the Q and shoot out the long-ranged tornado while still in the dashing animation, which can catch a lot of enemies by surprise.
  • Another trick most Yasuo's don't know is he can dash over walls with his E, meaning players should hang onto a ward when fighting in side lanes because players can ward over the wall and E to a jungle camp for a surprise escape route.

Yasuo's Best Build

To wrap things up, players must be properly equipped with knowledge when fighting on the Rift to perform well, but that doesn't mean they can forget about itemization. The best build for Yasuo would be:

  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Mercury Treads Quicksilver Enchant
  • Solari Chargeblade
  • Infinity Edge
  • Guardian Angel
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Conqueror Keystone Rune combined with Triumph, Bone Plating, and Sweet Tooth runes.

This build provides a lot of Attack Speed, On-hit damage, Attack Damage, Critical Chance, Life Steal, Critical Damage, with just enough Magic Resistance, Tenacity, and Armor. Yasuo will be able to sustain well in the laning phase with his Life Steal early on, which will give players an easier time to take trades and farm up for more items.

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Since Yasuo's Critical Chance rate is doubled whenever his shield is active, having two items that increase Critical Chance is enough to reach the cap for guaranteed Critical Damage. Topping this off with Guardian Angel allows players to get a second chance at life mid-fight, due to the revival effect and the Mortal Reminder gives enough Armor Penetration to shred Tanks with ease, especially when factoring in the bonus Armor Penetration received from Yasuo's Ultimate Ability. Having all the tools to succeed, players will have even more fun with Yasuo than ever imagined!

League of Legends: Wild Rift is available on Android and iOS devices.

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