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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Announced

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 19:10 PM

Microsoft's press conference at E3 2017 offers up our first glimpse of the prequel to Life is Strange, which is subtitled Before the Storm and is set to release its first episode this summer.

p>Earlier this month, evidence that a prequel to the critically acclaimed Life is Strange was in the works hit the Internet. Today, at Microsoft's E3 conference, Life is Strange: Before the Storm was officially unveiled via a brief trailer, giving fans plenty to look forward to for later this year.

Three episodes of Before the Storm will be released, starting in August. The fact that only three episodes are being produced, compared to the five-episode run of the original Life is Strange, might confirm reports that a sequel is also in development.

Before the Storm puts Chloe Price into the role of protagonist, and sees her form an unlikely friendship with the popular Rachel Amber. Life changes drastically for Rachel when a family secret rears its head, and the two women have to work together to remedy the situation.

It remains to be seen how different Before the Storm will be from its predecessor. The brief trailer showed plenty of intrigue, and some familiar characters from the original game, but there were no clear signs that the more otherworldly gameplay components of Life is Strange will make an appearance.

We did see some pretty overt references to the fact that it's set before the events of the first title, though. For instance, Chloe hasn't yet taken the plunge with her blue hair dye, and has a much less eye-catching head of hair during the events of Before the Storm.

Fans of Life is Strange will certainly be pleased to find that more of the story is on its way. However, prequels are always difficult to get completely right — fleshing out existing characters can rob them of some of their mystique, and there are always difficulties when players know how the story is going to end up.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm starts its three-episode run on August 31.

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