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Longtime Lost Ark Player Offers 'Life Hacks' for New Players

Longtime Lost Ark Player Offers 'Life Hacks' for New Players Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 20:39 PM

A veteran Lost Ark player gives new players a list of tips and tricks to follow to make life a bit easier for them in the complex MMORPG.

p>Lost Ark has recently been made available to North America and Europe after having been released in South Korea a few years ago. This prompted one South Korean Lost Ark player to give the new North American and European players some tips and tricks in order to stop them from making newbie mistakes.

Lost Ark, like many other MMORPGs, can seem extremely complex at times, owing to the plethora of different mechanics and systems the game offers. In light of this, one player recently offered a list of tips and tricks for new players. The list started by explaining the importance of cards in Lost Ark. The player explained that cards are exceptionally important for endgame play in Lost Ark, as they offer effects that can be useful in raids. The player also emphasized that players must make sure to buy cards from the wandering merchants in the game.

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The player notes that new Lost Ark players should remember to level up and not neglect studies as this will offer various effects that will help players once they reach level 1400. Life skills and life ingredients are also important aspects of the game, as they allow players to produce fusion material, which will save players a lot of gold in Lost Ark.

The player also mentions that skill points are integral to Lost Ark and that players should collect them as often as possible and as early as possible. The final tip the player mentioned is that Lost Ark players should try and finish daily challenges, but focus mainly on the weekly challenges as these offer gold in most cases, which is an extremely valuable resource in the game.

Another Lost Ark player on Reddit instead gave players some tips and tricks for when they hit level 50. The list is organized by category and class, as the tips will differ depending on the route that players choose to go when creating their character.

While some veteran Lost Ark players are trying to help out the newbies, it seems as though others are taking advantage of the fresh meat on the servers. One Lost Ark player reported that they were asked to pay another player to stop them from being killed. While this may seem rather humorous, it speaks to the large discrepancy between new players and veterans. This may end up encouraging new players to spend money on microtransactions in order to be able to keep up with the rest of the community.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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