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Lost Ark: Chaotic Chuo Location and How to Beat It

Lost Ark: Chaotic Chuo Location and How to Beat It Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:55 PM

Chaotic Chuo is one of Lost Ark's many Field Bosses, but not many players remember where to find it or what attacks it has.

p>There are two different types of Field Bosses in Lost Ark: ones that have specific icons on the map that indicate their spawn point and spawn time, and ones that always spawn in the same location half an hour after they're killed, but don't have any UI "indicators." For clarity's sake, bosses with icons will be referred to as Field Bosses, and ones without are World Bosses.

Anikka has two bosses that are needed for Adventure Tome progression once players are finished leveling up: Chuo and Chaotic Chuo. The standard Chuo is a World Boss and always spawns in the same spot within Twilight Mists. Chaotic Chuo, on the other hand, is a Lost Ark Field Boss that has its own map marker and countdown timer. While the two bosses are similar in appearance and moveset, they're not the same. Here's what players should know about this apparently lore-canon chaotic variant.

Where Is Chaotic Chuo & When Does It Spawn?

Simply put, Chaotic Chuo spawns within the Spring of Echoes area of Melody Forest on Anikka. Thankfully, there's a Triport spot just below the arena itself, making it easy to get here right before it spawns. Chaotic Chuo is a Field Boss, meaning it spawns multiple times throughout the day, every day of the week (except Thursday). Field Bosses spawn every two hours, with a three-minute window for any stragglers to rush in before the boss actually materializes. To see exactly when it will spawn next (if the timer isn't broken again), make sure to check Procyon's Compass right underneath the mini-map in the top right.

Additionally, each Channel in a server has its own Chaotic Chuo that spawns. This means that if a player happens to arrive right as the Chaotic Chuo is killed on Channel 1, they can switch over and check Channel 2 and so on to see if there's one that's still alive or hasn't been fought yet (though solo'ing it would likely be a mistake). This concept applies to World Bosses as well, and is actually a big part of the reason why it's so annoying to pin down when World Bosses, such as Rovlen, will even spawn next.

How To Beat Chaotic Chuo

Quite frankly, most Field Bosses in Lost Ark don't have complex mechanics that players need to be aware of. The only ones that would arguably fit these criteria are Proxima in North Vern with its shielding mechanic, or Moake in Punika with the variety of status effects it inflicts. Compared to them, Chaotic Chuo is incredibly simple.

To put it as simply as possible, players must dodge Red Telegraphs, avoid any projectiles or environmental hazards (all of which are purple) and keep Chaotic Chuo near its spawn icon on the mini-map to avoid a reset.

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The biggest mistakes players make with any Field Boss encounters are not turning particle effects off, and letting the boss roam too far and causing it to reset with full health. Thankfully, Chaotic Chuo doesn't have many attacks that would cause it to move out of bounds and reset, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. For those who want to be thorough and practice optimal Combat, here are all the attacks it has in its arsenal:

Attack Name Description
Paw Swipe The "basic attack" that every animal-type Monster or Guardian has. Chaotic Chuo swipes its paw directly in front of it, interrupting and dealing some damage to anyone it hits.
Jump Attack A standard jump attack that a lot of animal-type Monsters in Lost Ark use. Though instead of jumping on top of a random person, Chuo jumps directly upward and slams down, knocking back anyone around its impact area.
Breath Attack Chaotic Chuo puts down a red conical telegraph before breathing a large wave of purple energy.
Charge Forward A red telegraph line will appear in front of Chaotic Chuo, signaling that it is about to charge forward. Chuo than barrels ahead, knocking back and damaging anyone who gets close during the animation.
Clone Summon Chuo summons four bright purple replicas of itself in all four cardinal directions. These replicas then jump toward the original Chuo all at the same time, slamming down on anyone who strays too far from the boss before disappearing into a swarm of purple particles. Be careful, because there isn't much of a lead-up animation to this attack.
Purple AoE Chuo will stand on two paws and summon a bunch of purple AoE circles either to the north and south, or east and west. These AoEs cover a wide area of the arena in two straight lines and deal moderate damage to anyone standing in them. Then, Chuo slams back down with its front paws. This causes the AoEs quickly turn from purple to pinkish red, and then explode.
Charge Wave & Orbs Chaotic Chuo charges up energy and summons six orbs in a circle around it. Chuo then disperses this energy, sending out the orbs in all directions to deal damage to anyone in their path.
Spike Combo Chuo swipes with its front paws, one to the right, one to the left, and a slam in the middle. The left and right attacks summon purple earth spikes while the slam hits everyone around Chuo and knocks them back.
Three-Ring Energy Wave This is the only attack with a blue telegraph. Chuo sends out three expanding rings of high-damaging energy, each ring getting larger. Players can either stay inside the first ring and avoid the other two completely, or run far away from Chuo to avoid all three rings while sacrificing a bit of potential damage.

Rewards & Reason To Fight Chaotic Chuo

After all is said and done, why even both fighting Chaotic Chuo, or any Field Boss for that manner? Players have a number of good reasons for frequently hunting Field Bosses, whether it's what they potentially drop or even the Welcome Challenge that killing them will complete. For Chaotic Chuo specifically, here are a few reasons why people are hunting it down:

  • It's needed to get Anikka's Adventure Tome to 100 percent. Each region has its own Bosses that are added toward the completion percentage of that region when defeated. Some have both a Field Boss and a World Boss, like Anikka, while others just have two Field Bosses.
  • Chaotic Chuo drops a variety of Tier 1 Honing Materials, some Accessories, and has a low chance of dropping a Rare-type Bleed Rune as well. Bleed Runes are highly sought after by a good number of Lost Ark's classes.
  • When beat for the first time, it does give +3 Courage, and Virtue Points are always in high demand for Lost Ark's endgame.

Lost Ark is available on PC via Steam.

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