Lost Ark Reveals Two New Classes Coming to the Game by May

Lost Ark Reveals Two New Classes Coming to the Game by May Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:36 PM

Lost Ark is getting two new character classes and fresh endgame content in the near future, including an entire new continent to explore.

p>Amazon's Lost Ark is still going strong, and there are plans underway to bolster the popular MMORPG's lineup of available content even further, according to the latest news. Developers have now confirmed that the game would be getting several substantial new content updates in April and May, bringing it closer to parity with the original eastern release.

Lost Ark is getting the powerful Glaivier and Destroyer character classes as part of its two upcoming content releases, and the developers have promised that they're going to be focused on "horizontal content," addressing the growing concerns about pay-to-win functionality present in the game. The full breadth of announced content, however, goes far beyond new classes alone.

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Though the head of Amazon Game Studios left the company recently, Lost Ark seems to be on track for long-term support from the developers. Players can look forward to major April and May updates featuring the Glaivier and Destroyer, respectively, two melee-focused combatants that are basically polar opposites in regard to gameplay. New classes wouldn't be too exciting without new content to play, however, and the introduction of a whole new continent,South Vern, ought to tackle those concerns.

The blog also touches upon a number of quality-of-life updates, such as various UI changes, improved loot dismantling, convenience improvements for the Market and Auction House features, and more. These should all be released by the end of May, but the devs also revealed a few tentative content announcements that may or may not launch in this time window, including two new endgame-tier raids, bringing the game closer to feature parity with Lost Ark's Eastern version.

Pay to win concerns in Lost Ark have been a major point of contention as of late, and the developers reaffirmed their dedication to keeping the game balanced and pressure-free in this regard. While the blog didn't share any specifics, players should expect "clear paths for progression" without being pushed into paying for anything and to be able to progress through the content at their own pace.

As with any other MMORPG that achieves critical acclaim, Lost Ark has its own share of unique problems and issues to solve that exist outside the purview of content releases, quality-of-life updates, and balancing passes. Specifically, the game has had a big problem with players using bots, and Lost Ark introduced new features to counteract botting. Whether that ends up being successful over the course of next two months, however, is an entirely different matter.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

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