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Madden NFL Pattern May Suggest When Fans Will Learn More About NFL 23

Madden NFL Pattern May Suggest When Fans Will Learn More About NFL 23 Image
  • Posted on 10th Apr, 2022 13:05 PM

Madden NFL 23 is on its way, and looking at EA's past trends with Madden NFL may reveal when gamers can expect to find out more about the game.

p>One of the most popular video game sports franchises out there today is Madden NFL. It lets players build their dream team, play as their favorite footballers, and experience the glory of the sport without ever leaving the couch. Madden NFL games are released annually, and while some titles have been more successful with critics than others, the games have never failed to have astronomic sales and rake in plenty of money for EA.

Naturally, there are gamers already looking toward Madden NFL 23, and they are keen to learn what EA is cooking up. There are several rumors surrounding the game, and gamers are eager to discover when the game will be released and when EA will reveal more information about Madden NFL 23. Although EA has yet to announce the game's release date, looking at past Madden NFL titles reveals when gamers can expect to receive more official information about the upcoming Madden NFL game.

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How Has EA Revealed Madden NFL Games in the Past?

Looking at past Madden NFL releases gives gamers an idea of what to expect going forward. Typically, EA reveals more information about Madden NFL games, including the cover athlete, at around April or May, as this aligns with the NFL Draft. However, if issues arise this time window can be delayed. For instance, the cover athlete for Madden NFL 22 was revealed in June 2021, but this delay may have been caused by the coronavirus.

Before Madden NFL 22, EA has been a little more consistent. With Madden NFL 21, EA officially revealed the cover athlete on April 27, which was two days after the year's NFL Draft, and similarly, in 2021, the cover athlete for Madden NFL 20 was revealed on April 25, which was the first day of the NFL Draft. Yet, this April trend is broken once again with Madden NFL 19 which was revealed in May, a month after the NFL Draft. However, sometime between April and May seems like a pretty safe bet.

When Will EA Reveal Madden NFL 23?

Judging from EA's past, Madden NFL games are mostly revealed in April, around the time of the NFL Draft, although there are a few exceptions. In 2022, the NFL Draft will run from April 27 until April 29. Consequently, gamers can expect a reveal of Madden NFL 23's cover around the same time. According to some rumors, EA may feature John Madden, who is a prominent figure in football that passed away in December 2021. Madden NFL 23 would be EA's first chance to honor the legend. Shortly after the cover athlete reveal, gamers can expect EA to release a trailer revealing some of Madden NFL 23's gameplay.

For Madden NFL 23's release date, it is useful to look at EA's track record once again. Typically, EA releases Madden NFL games close to the start of the NFL season, and this allows the video games to ride the wave of excitement caused by the NFL. The kickoff game that will begin 2022's NFL season takes place on 8 September, in Kansas City, Missouri, so gamers can probably expect Madden NFL 23 to release at around the same time.

Judging by past trends, Madden NFL 23 is likely to be revealed in late April, and the game is likely to release in September. However, there are plenty of factors that could cause delays or a change in marketing, including development problems, and the still-ongoing coronavirus global pandemic. Although paying attention to EA's past habits is useful, gamers should not take anything as confirmation until EA makes an announcement.

Madden NFL 23 is expected to release in 2022.

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