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Marvel's Avengers is Bugged With Janky Flight Right Now

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:05 PM

Marvel's Avengers players report several instances of a new bug that affects characters with janky flight and may be linked to the new patch fix.

p>Marvel's Avengers' community has been displeased with many choices made toward its live-service functionality and future updates that concern players. Without much new content lately for Marvel's Avengers fans to even expect or anticipate at a later date, it is only natural that players will hone in on these issues and pick them apart as they are.

It was only just recently when Marvel's Avengers' newest patch was supposed to launch and deliver new and improved quality of life benefits for players. But following its delay, fans were met with errors connected somehow to the patch that caused their systems to crash on PS5. Unfortunately, while this specific error has apparently since been fixed, another substantial bug has appeared in its place. With yet another unfortunate incident, it looks like Marvel's Avengers still cannot catch a break.

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Thor and Iron Man are the only playable characters in Marvel's Avengers who are capable of authentic flight. Other characters' unique traversal capabilities allow them to leap wide bounds or pendulum-swing from perch points. However, Marvel's Avengers' latest game-breaking bug has bestowed the janky ability to fly upon different characters. Redditor u/DilllPickl3 shares their experience with this bug as it affects Captain America, where simple jumps into the air seem to hoist the player upward and suspend them there to fly around in an unintended and janky animation.

Players can continue to attack from this suspended, sped-up state, as Captain America can be seen ricocheting his shield around and dashing rapidly. Redditor u/TheLastBandit6 has reported this bug affecting Hawkeye, who floats around Marvel's Avengers' HARM room and can still fire arrows when his arm is not awkwardly stuck behind his back.

Another instance of this bug comes from Redditor u/ultrarareprotege21 and features Marvel's Avengers' newest character Spider-Man, who hovers around after jumping into the air. The bug seems to affect any character who jumps, and may be correlated to that input entirely as a result. Spider-Man seems to be able to exit from this state on command and leap back into it, but it is undetermined if this bug is exploitable and completely controllable at this point.

Marvel's Avengers' Crystal Dynamics has yet to comment on this bug and whether it is linked to the new patch or its recent crash fix. Some players seem to at least be having a bit of fun with it in the meantime as it allows them to fly about while attacking, but of course most fans want Marvel's Avengers to go back to its intended physics and have this bug removed.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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