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Marvel's Avengers Leak Shows Intel, Verizon, and Virgin Media Exclusive Skins

Marvel's Avengers Leak Shows Intel, Verizon, and Virgin Media Exclusive Skins Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 07:40 AM

A new leak shares the exclusive skins coming to Marvel's Avengers players who are customers with Verizon, Virgin Media, or Intel.

p>As discovered by several fans yesterday, it appears that Spider-Man's exclusive addition to Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation 4 won't be the only exclusivity deal on the cards for the upcoming game. Virgin Media, Intel, and Verizon will seemingly also be getting brand new skins available for customers on their services, although, it seems players now have their first look at the exclusive cosmetics in question.

Posted by Reddit user smoove4254, it appears two of the upcoming skin packs coming to the companies' users have been unveiled, with the pair of cosmetic offerings featuring one item for each of the core Avengers. The images alone have left most fans under the impression that the cosmetics will be little more than palette-swapped offerings for alternate skins already included the game, with the 12 skins all coming off as slightly off-brand versions of iconic Avengers costumes.

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The first of the two skin reveals is labeled "Verizon or Virgin Media collab," and is identical to an image posted on Twitter when the exclusive packs were first uncovered. It generally sees each of the Avengers sporting crimson red colors, with both Iron Man and Hulk probably faring the best. The former looks almost similar to the Mark V suit in Iron Man 2, with Tony's armor sporting crimson red, silver, and black shading. Hulk, on the other hand, is wearing fitted trunks, which is a welcome difference to the more rugged look given to him in both the trailers and beta of Marvel's Avengers.

The second pack is directed at Intel users and offers less of a theme than Verizon and Virgin Media. It's easily the more appealing of the two packs, offering a retro Thor skin, a fun variation of Black Widow, a stars and stripes themed Captain America, and a color swapped variant of Ms Marvel. However, it's Iron Man and Hulk that stand out again.

Iron Man seems to be donning a very early variant of his armor, with the skin feeling very reminiscent of the suit he uses to escape the Ten Rings' cave in the first Iron Man movie. Hulk, on the other hand, is sporting a more tribalistic attire while also getting a blue color swap. It seems to be based on the version of the character depicted in Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk.

Overall, it seems the skins will be small extras for customers on Intel, Verizon, or Virgin Media. That being said, it seems many aren't huge fans of this heavy shift towards exclusive content, with this announcement of additional brand-specific skins feeling like the tip of the iceberg following the news that Spider-Man won't be available for all Marvel's Avengers players.

Marvel's Avengers releases for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One on September 4, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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Source: Reddit

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