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Marvel's Spider-Man Photo Mode Captures Well-Timed Basketball Shot

Marvel's Spider-Man Photo Mode Captures Well-Timed Basketball Shot Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:39 PM

A Marvel's Spider-Man player shares an impressive Photo Mode shot that captures Spider-Man expertly dunking while taking a selfie.

p>Marvel's Spider-Man's Photo Mode is an instrumental feature. Photo Modes are not necessarily brand new for AAA titles, but some games' Photo Modes are celebrated more than others based on the functions, filters, and poses that players can toy with to manufacture the shots that they desire. Some photos may be less doctored than others, while others may be highly filtered or altered in post-production.

Photo Mode has allowed fans to share creative photos of their preferred costume cosmetics in Marvel's Spider-Man, for example, or quirky events that occur naturally while players traverse New York City's open world. Marvel's Spider-Man is full of these instances with a myriad of NPCs players can interact with, as well as pigeons that players can pursue and take selfies with. One player's perfectly timed shot captures an athletic maneuver performed on one of New York's basketball courts.

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Redditor HAXAD2005 shares a selfie photo taken in Marvel's Spider-Man that makes it look like Spider-Man is expertly dunking a basketball behind his back. This is made possible due to the court's NPCs shooting hoops and the player having jumped into frame at the precise moment, which they say took "4 attempts/animation loops." HAXAD2005 inserts themselves and lines up the photo to place the ball in Spider-Man's hand, and the finesse of the pose is even more stylish with Spider-Man taking a selfie mid-dunk.

Players may not be able to actually play basketball with NPCs, and Spider-Man may not be animated to take alley-oop shots, but these wishes can be produced and immortalized in Marvel's Spider-Man's Photo Mode. This Photo Mode offers tons of filters with comic book memorabilia to filter shots how players would like, and different poses are selectable for selfies and other shots. Photo Mode edits have also recreated Spider-Man: No Way Home's Spider-Verse in Marvel's Spider-Man as shots can be compiled thereafter.

Spider-Man does not have an extensive history with sports, but there have already been references to certain sequences that center around basketball. Redditor Candlefire21 humorously connects the player's Photo Mode shot to The Amazing Spider-Man through a quote from Flash Thompson, particularly when Peter Parker starts to express cockiness with his newfound powers and mocks Flash on the school's court.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will undoubtedly be expected to have its own Photo Mode with perhaps even more functionality and features for players to experiment with. But in the meantime, players can continue to enjoy Marvel's Spider-Man's features and explore what creative shots they can capture and produce.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available on PS4 and PS5.

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